The Facts

Hey peeps, if you download one of my pictures I KNOW ABOUT IT.

So don't.  This is the Internet, not some isolated African village. I will find you.  And even if you live in a remote African village and are downloading my pictures, that still means you're using the Internet, which still means I will find you.

How about just sending me an email, and asking if you can use the picture. There is a 99.99999% chance I will say yes if I receive proper crediting, and then you won't be on the receiving end of my ninja skills.  Which are bad-ass.

And in the great words of Eminem (note the citation...very important for the following message):

"You can try and read the words off the page before I lay 'em,
But you won't take the sting out of these words before I say 'em."

What that means is, if you should happen to find something in this endless drivel that you like enough to actually want to claim as your own...DON'T.

That is tacky and unoriginal, and you'll probably go to Hell.