So I'm a Canadian who is living in Switzerland. It sounds unbelievably fab, and a lot of days it is, but also it's just everyday life. Same ol', same ol' you know.

I still do have moments of pause though when I realize I'm in Europe. Like when I can hop a train and be eating escargot in Paris in four hours (that's fun), and when I go hiking in the Alps and I realize that (a) there's not a snowball's chance in Hell I'll ever get lost, and (b) I don't have to constantly look over my shoulder for bears or creepy woodsmen.

Hey, I'm fairly certain creepy woodsmen are a real problem in Canada.

You can quote me on that.

Otherwise I'm just a regular gal trying to balance work, fun, and how to consume as much Nutella and zupf as possible without getting fat. Because let me tell you, it's not proving easy.

Hope you like reading this blog of insightful, life-changing, tear-jerking, posts.

Your resident (nit)wit,

- Caitie


P.S. The following is the most humiliating language error I've made here in Switzerland, and only so because Dan likes to laugh about it from time-to-time. But now I've embraced the mistake, and I like to purposefully make this error as I sign off some of my blog posts. So come into the circle: you're now part of my inside joke!


This is a German farewell that sounds a lot like 'chews'. Or as I used to think it sounded like, "juice." So I was leaving people's doorsteps calling a farewell, "Juice! Juice! Juuuuiiiccce!" all. the. time. Then one night Dan looked at me and said, "Are you saying...juice?" I felt my cheeks grow warm. What? No. Never! Because that makes no sense! *insert nervous laughter as I used all my fingers and toes to figure out how many people I'd said 'juice' to as I was leaving their company*