Saturday, 15 April 2017

Snippy Bitch

We spent a good chunk of the past week in Vancouver, and it was wonderful. Two months ago Dan came home from work and said he had to be in Vancouver for a week for a conference, and I unceremoniously told him that, "Hell no, you aren't leaving the city limits without us. I'm not parenting solo for a week! Haha, bless your little heart for thinking you could get away that easily."

So we came too.

It was so nice to get away, and it was relaxing. I conquered my phobia of driving in that big metropolis and now I feel super human, I took the girls to IKEA, we hit up a huge mall, and I got to visit a most favourite friend, which visit would have been better if a certain four year old wasn't being such a rotten pain in the a$$.

Ah kids, they are the loose pin on the grenade.

Alexi's neighbourhood is nice and central, so we went for a really awesome walk (okay, it would have been a spectacular walk if not for the presence of a certain four year old) to get breakfast at a bagel shop and then down to Whole Foods so I could stock up on supplies for the drive home, since it was SNOWING on the Coquihalla highway and there have been one too many stories this winter of people being stranded for hours and hours and hours.

As we were walking I told Alexi that I am in danger of turning into a right Snippy Bitch. Lately it seems like the only thing I do is criticise or rant. I promise there are some seriously wonderful things about living back in Canada.

Honest, there are.

But today isn't going to be one of those days I tell you about them!

I've got my Snippy Bitch glasses on, and Ima gonna rant good. So settle in tight, that's right, like that.

Last week my friend called me up and wondered if I wanted to go to a fundraiser dinner for our local hospital. Her dad's firm had sponsored a table, and he was wondering if I'd like to go as well. Free food? I'M IN.

I got as dressed up as my sluggish postpartum body and uncooperative closet would allow, and we headed out for a night of FREE FOOD and NO DISHES and NO KIDS and important fund raising for our local hospital.  We sat at our table, my friend's dad brought us a big ol' bottle of red to enjoy, and life was looking good for the next four hours.

Then other people started to arrive at our table...

And by other people, I mean the staff that work at the firm that sponsored the table. Now to understand my rant you have to understand that I work in the same industry as my friend's dad and all the people at our table, so the judgment passed is valid. Okay? OKAY. My judginess is totally valid!

We are starting to see a new wave of fresh blood enter the industry, and that fresh blood is that delightfully 'misunderstood' generation called the millennials. They are arriving at our office doors in droves; their parents are now officially sick of them and want them to support themselves after university so what choice do we have to hire them? Because when we crane our necks around the crowd they form we can't see any other options. These pampered pooches are it.


My friend's dad asked one of his EMPLOYEES if she'd made the considerable drive home after work, then turned around and came back for the dinner? Friendly conversation starter, but he erred in thinking she lived in Logan Lake.

"It's actually Lac Le Jeune John (not his real name), and yeah I did. You think I pack party clothes to work?"


I was floored. Who was this rude minion who was about to enjoy a $100 a plate meal, who just talked to her EMPLOYER like he was the dirt beneath her shoe?

It only got worse from there.

A junior member of the firm arrived. A person who is hoping that at the end of her year of trial and error, she will be hired to sit at the big kids' table and not in a cubicle. Being impressive is sort of the only thing she has to do for a year. Was she impressive? No. She was the same age as the other firm members (so mid-to-late 20s), and she was really chummy with them. This is a problem, because at the end of the year, if she's successful, she will be these minions' boss and they are not going to take direction from someone who has spent a whole year just wanting to be their bud. They were all trying to get each other drunk, for goodness sake! Drunk. AT A FUNDRAISER SPONSORED BY YOUR EMPLOYER. This wasn't the office Christmas party, it was a fundraiser!

Then the speeches started, and this particular fundraiser was specifically aimed at raising enough money to bring in a very important piece of cardiac equipment because currently if anyone in Kamloops has a heart attack they are shipped two hours down the road to Kelowna, and if Kelowna doesn't have a bed for them they have to wait for a bed to open up in Vancouver. Which is four hours away. Basically, people are dying because our hospital doesn't have this piece of equipment.

One of the speakers was a heart surgeon who told us that every year he volunteers for one month in rural India, which has more functioning hospitals then our local hospital. He was passionate in his outrage that in this day and age, in our part of the world, our hospital is in such poor condition. He was an educated man, he has spent his life heavy lifting heart surgery and medicine so other people can see and understand the troubles we face, and guess how much attention he captured at our table?


No one had the time or energy to listen to him.

Getting drunk was so much for more fun! Whee!

I could see my friend's dad was baffled, and since I don't work with any of them I decided to step on some toes. In a very passive aggressive way. Switzerland taught me...not so well.

"It is really pathetic," I loudly said to my friend, "When a doctor who is concerned about saving the lives of the people in this room, and their loved ones, can't get 20 minutes of attention. How immature to not be able to pay attention to someone outside of your orbit."

That got their attention.

And they got right defensive.

Too bad I have no fucks left to give for what anyone thinks about me. I could not care less. Whisper about me, that's fine. My response was, "Nope, looks like people still can't listen. Juvenile."

Apart from my friend's dad, who laughed, I didn't make a lot of friends. Which is fine, I wasn't there to make friends. I was there to eat FREE FOOD, and also to learn about how we can improve our hospital.

But in...fairness(?) the millennials, I looked around the room and the lack of courtesy and respect was seen at every age group. Because while most people weren't chatting to each other while someone was speaking, the majority of people were on their phones. I was disgusted.

Twenty GD minutes is all he spoke for, and he was passionate about his subject, and no one could pay attention. He was sandwiched between two speakers, so in total, for the entire night, we might have had to listen and pay attention for 45 minutes to an hour, tops.

Is that too much to ask? Are our attention spans so low that we can't pay attention for an hour? We have to giggle with our friends or scan the sports scores or check Facebook?

People, what the fuck is happening to us as a species? Our minds, the tool that separates us from other species on the planet, are completely addicted to the little dopamine packs we carry around in our pockets. We are collectively addicted to our phones, and it's at a great detriment to society. What does that say about the road we're driving down when can't listen  to people before us, because the itch to check our phones causes us to almost immediately check out.

I wanted to stand up and scream, "Look at you all! Look at you! Show some courtesy! Pay attention! Grab a fucking ATTENTION SPAN!"

Snippy Bitch out.

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