Thursday, 30 January 2014

Super Late to the Party

Guys, I have discovered...podcasts.

I know! I know! Seriously, how 2009 of me. The thing is, I am never timely to any party. Ever. I only joined Facebook four years ago, and that was because I wanted to keep in contact with friends I was making in German classes. I offered my email around, but everyone looked at me like I was a freak of nature: EMAIL? What are you, on the cusp of your thirties or something? No one emails anymore! So I joined Facebook, except we all forgot that none of us spoke the same language, including German. It was a bit of a fail.

I'm finally on Twitter, but I don't tweet. I just read. If I think about it, I might start tweeting in five years, right when everyone else moves onto a different medium.

Current Events wasn't my strong subject in social studies, is what I'm sayin'. But never mind, because here I am in the fresh weeks of 2014, finally getting excited about podcasts. Specifically the literature podcast put out by the New Yorker. It features well known authors reading one of their favourite short stories, and then later on discussing the story, interview-style, with the literature editor for the magazine.

It's making my little nerdy heart go pitter-patter. I feel like I'm sitting in class again, debating good books.

The other day I listened to David Sedaris reading a short story written by Miranda July, and then engage in a bit of banter with the editor. I washed the dishes and shouted out when I disagreed with the editor. Incidentally, I always disagree with her because considering the number of stories I've listened to now, I always wonder what page she's on because I never feel she's offering pertinent insight. However, she is the literature editor for the New Yorker, so there's a good chance it's all me.

I like listening to these podcasts as I wash up after lunch, while LB naps, and at night when I'm making dinner.

(Tangent! I have a friend who heard Margaret Atwood lecture at her university, and she warned me her voice was a total bummer. She was right! Don't listen to her podcast! Her voice is without inflection! The most monotonous voice I've ever heard! She sounds stoned! It's so disappointing!)

I've also found a video podcast for LB, and it's one put out by Sesame Street. Each video is about five to ten minutes long, and focuses on a theme. Today's was 'Adventure' and we watched Ginnifer Goodwin and a little Sesame Street character introduce us to what an adventure could be, and watched others tell us about adventures they'd recently been on.

It's good fun, and serves as a timely bit of breathing room when life becomes unbearably difficult for my little poppet. It really sucks when your mother won't let you stand up on the dining room table, or eat flour. It sucks so much that a good scream and a cry are the only way to let your parental units know that YOU. ARE. DISPLEASED. WITH. LIFE.

So tell me, Internet, what are you listening to?

I'd like to wring out as much podcast experience as possible, before it goes up in smoke. Which, should be in about four minutes.

I really am very late to this party.


Ais said...

Well if you're late then I never arrived! I still don't know what a podcast is...

Mom said...

Super late for a new blog and some pictures...LOL

Emily said...

Listen to Radio Lab - it is the best and most addictive podcast (This American Life is up there too!)