Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Happy Tree

I was going to title this post "Adventures in Sleep Regression" but that's a bit of a bummer and I'm sort of too tired to try and find the humour in it. I will briefly summarise as follows:

Once upon a time there lived a mum, a dad, and a sweet baby who slept so well, almost from birth, that the parents felt like they won the baby lottery. Then about six weeks ago the baby decided she was done with being a perfect sleeper and decided to plunge, paci-first, into the longest sleep regression known to man. Also known as--determined via lots of frantic googling--the Eighteen Month Sleep Regression. Her parents feel like life is being slowly sucked out of them, one broken sleep at a time. Everyone, including the baby, is grumpy, pissed off, and dead tired.

                                                                    The End

What a great story! Share it with all your parent friends, because someone needs to warn them about this shit.

For serious.

In the few hours a day that we don't feel like crawling into a hole and hibernating until our baby is a grown, well-rounded, fully functioning adult who sleeps through the night again, Dan and I are trying to keep interested in our hobbies in our free non-parenting time. He's reading a Hitler book (WWII history buff, that one), and I've been trying to be arty.

So guess what I did?! I pulled a Bob Ross and painted a picture! Minus the whole happy-tree-landscape-dealio. Basically, I lied to you. I did not pull a Bob Ross. There were no squirrels hanging out in my pocket, or baby raccoons sitting on my shoulder, while I talked softly to a camera about the joys of painting, encouraging you to be brave and put in a big happy tree. But I did paint a picture though. See:

Okay, okay, I painted words! Whatever! Don't hassle me about it! I know it's awesome! NBD! Just relax! I'll sign autographs later!

This a lyric from JayZ's 'Run this Town' and it continues to be my favourite song lyric--quote--of all time. Everyone else can take their Eckhart Tolle, Buddhist, Dalai Lama, Thoreau, Oscar Wilde, Oprah, Kerouac, Fitzgerald, wisdom quotes and shred them. The above is truly what life is all about, right? Right?!


We just want to change the colour on our mood rings.

That's it!

Anyhow, I do have a painting idea involving cows brewing away, but I need more energy to complete it. More sleep. In the meantime I decided to do this, mainly because Dan and I were sick of the photograph that used to hang in this frame, and I didn't want to develop another of my photos to replace it.

Juuuiiicceee, Internet.

Catch you on the well-rested side.


Ais said...

What picture used to be in that frame? Anyways, the new one looks great :)

Caitie said...

It was that photograph of the decaying homestead! Was nice for awhile, then it just became a picture old rotting house.