Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Eleven Days of Christmas: Day Ten

So this is coming a day late, but it was too dark last night to take a picture of...my nails.

Yes, that's right! Day ten is devoted to my fingernails!

Nope, not running out of ideas at all.

Anyhow, last night as I watched a Christmas movie I decided to give myself a Christmas manicure in the obvious colour choice: red.


I go through phases of painting my nails, and generally these phases are only in the winter months because I like the dark colours. It actually makes me cringe a little to see someone over the age of ten with turquoise finger nails, and make no mistake: I've definitely tried it, too. I keep thinking that maybe I'll change my mind, but I haven't. 

In keeping with a red theme, we've been trying to read this book to LB but she won't sit still long enough for us to finish it.

A classic!

We get to the part where the Grinch steals the roast beast and then she's outta there.

I, too, bought a roast beast yesterday and we will be roasting up a turkey for our dinner tomorrow night. I managed to find one that cost an 'acceptable' 50 CHF, but it's still fairly small. My mom told me she spent $80 on a fresh bird that is big enough to feed twenty-five people.


I am definitely feeling homesick this Christmas Eve.

However, I'll be back later today with Day Eleven! 


Dad said...

Remember Cait, Tiny Tim said that his family's little goose would be the finest goose in all of London. Well, your turkey will be the finest in all of Bern! Of that, I have no doubt. Merry Christmas. Love Dad.

Ais said...

Love your nails Cait :) Don't be homesick! We're all together in spirit and don't forget about the magic of Skype :) Miss you guys and love you. Hope your roast beast is delicious xoxo

mom said...

Dad just picked the turkey up and it was slightly more than $80 :-( Merry Christmas. Love Mom