Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Eleven Days of Christmas: Day Four

Last week at LB's playgroup, we had a festive little Christmas party complete with snacks, games, and a visit from Santa himself. The only criteria for the Santa gift was that parents were asked to respect a price limit of 20 CHF or less, which is totally appropriate. I distinctly recall going to a Christmas party for either my mom or dad's work, and watching Santa pull from his sack a big-ass remote control car for one kid, while I got a colouring book and crayons.

Why did Santa love me less?!

The only thing about Switzerland is it was honestly hard to find a toy for under 20 CHF that was age appropriate for LB.

I know you don't believe me, but I speak the truth!

She's at this in between stage where she's too old for some of the baby toys (toys like rattles, or those other ones specifically designed for babies to handle and explore all the different crinkly bits) but is still far too young for some other toys like wooden puzzles, or toys with small pieces, or bath crayons for the tub, etc.

In the end I decided to get her a very wee baby-doll that came 3 CHF under the gift limit, and has a head that smells like baby powder.
Meet baby Robin.
Baby Robin is not a hit.
I had thought LB was ready for her own baby doll because there's a busted up baby doll at playgroup that she is in love with. This poor doll has one eye that doesn't blink anymore, there's a huge bald spot on her head where her artificial auburn hair has been yanked out, and this doll's naked body is totally scribbled on in blue crayon.
Also, its head doesn't smell like baby powder at all! It's not nearly as good as Baby Robin, but LB prefers her more.
Kids: they're totally confusing and weird.
If Santa had really wanted to win LB over that day, he should have just given her a balloon.
This green one she stole off another kid was all she really needed to make merry.

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