Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Eleven Days of Christmas: Day Eight

(I totally knit this sweater! Hellz yeah!)

She may look angelic here (and let's be honest, she does) but looks can be deceiving. She is developing a very...dramatic personality and we're not going to pretend otherwise: it's straight up exhausting, yo!

Tonight when Dan and I realised it was still twenty minutes to her bedtime the following exchange occurred:

Caitie: 'Twenty minutes?! Do you think we could get away with it?'

Then Dan grinned, 'We totally could.'

'I'll get her toothbrush, you pick the story,' I cried as I raced down the hall.

Then we hurriedly brushed her teeth, gave her the cliff notes version of Oliver Jeffers' 'Stuck', zipped her into her sleep sack, kissed her brow, wished her a good sleep, and freaking hightailed it out of there.

Thought I'd share this since most parenting books fail to mention the 'Bend time in your favour and rush bedtime' days that inevitably happen. 

God help us when she learns to tell time....

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mom, deb said...

ah Cait and Dan - the fun is only just beginning :-)