Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lost In Thought

Do you guys ever visit the website Humans of New York? It's a website devoted to, uh, the...humans of New York. I log on about once a month to check out what poignant images and captions Brandon has discovered on his travels through the streets of New York, and I am consistently blown away by how freaking deep some people are.

From what I understand, Brandon approaches random strangers asks them a couple of questions and takes their picture. Then on the website he juxtaposes the image with their stories. I say I'm blown away by this because these people are going about their day when *bam* they're approached by a dude who asks a rather innocent question that has the potential for a reply loaded with meaning.

My latest favourite is this conversation exchange, juxtaposed with a guy looking sideways at the camera:

"I've been examining my values lately, and determining whether or not I like the feelings that result from those values."
"What's an example of one of your values?"
"I'm very competitive."
"And what's a feeling that results from being competitive?"
"How does competitiveness result in jealousy?"
"When you have a competitive mindset, you tend to view the world in terms of winners and losers. So you resent other people getting recognition, because you somehow believe that less recognitions is available to you. I'm learning that this is a false mindset. There's not a fixed amount of success and recognition in the world. So another person's accomplishments don't diminish the accomplishments available to you."


Umm...excuse me while I pick my jaw off the ground. Dude was just casually THINKING THAT? Like, mulling it over the same way I mull over what scent I'm putting in my bath that night?

Lavender or honey?

Long bath or short?

Hot or warm?

Dry myself off totally or just throw on my jammies while I'm still sort of damp?

I mean Internet, that conversation is the sort of brilliance littered throughout the pages of HONY and it's why I love it so much and I'm so in awe of the people who are featured: they are funny, deep, sad, elated, and candid.

Last night after doing my monthly perusal, I tested myself to see what I would say if a random person approached me and asked what advice I'd have for a large group of people. The first thing that popped into my head was this:

"If you've never tried it you must take a slice of cheddar cheese, spread it with mustard, and lay a pickle slice on top. It's the best."

Yeah....I might not be the deepest person you'll ever meet.

(P.S. You seriously should try that combo. My babysitter introduced it to my when I was five years old and it's been my go-to snack every since.)


Ais said...

Hahao! Oh the pickle, mustard and cheese combo. Haven't had that in years. I will have to check out that website too :)

Meg said...

Love it! The pickle and cheese I mean.... Have to check out that website too. ;)

mom said...

mmm, pickle and cheese sandwiches, delicious :-)