Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello 2014!

In a situation whose irony is not lost on either of us, yesterday we had to rush Cosmo to Bern's emergency animal clinic where he remains under observation. So far the vet seems hopeful he's going to be okay, and I refuse to believe anything else. He must be okay. But dudes, seriously. As Dan called me yesterday with the vet's prognosis, the pragmatic part of me couldn't help but ask with trepidation, "What's the bill going to be?"

"Yeah," Dan replied, "We probably won't be going on that ski holiday we wanted to. But he's family, you know."

"I know," I replied. "He's more than that."

So to close out a year that wasn't great, our poor cat isn't well, and our family morale-building holiday we wanted to take in February likely won't come to fruition as those funds will be channeled elsewhere.

Oh, and did I mention I have such a sore throat that it feels like I have two golf balls in my neck.

Ah, life. To say that Dan and I are happy to be closing the door on this year, would be an understatment. It may seem sort of superstitious but at midnight we plan on opening all our doors and windows to let the new year in, and the old one out. I am also currently, and vigioursly, cleaning my house to rid the nooks and crannies of any 2013 debris.

Tomorrow is a fresh start.

Filled with the endless potential to eat Crayola markers and not be caught.

However, all that said, none of the above is anything to complain about--it's rotten, not disasterous--and I am lucky that I didn't lose anyone near and dear to me this year; that I have a daughter who brings me so much happiness I can't even fathom she wasn't always here; a husband who makes me laugh and whom I love so much; a family who despite being half way around the world, I have such a close bond with that it seems sometimes like they're in my living room.

We have dear friends, we are warm, and we have champagne to pop at midnight.

We are very fortunate, so I suppose the only thing I really hope for in 2014 is just a smidge more day-to-day good luck.

Happy New Year, everyone.

I hope it's a good one, for you.


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Dad said...

Wishing the best for Cosmo and wishing you, Dan and LB much health and happiness in 2014. Have a fabulous year you bunch. Dad and Mom