Friday, 4 October 2013

Foto Friday

Anyone remember how, ages ago, I said I was going to do a photo feature every Friday as incentive to start using my real camera again?

And then I never did it?

Well, I'm going to try. It's that time of year where I always feel artistically inspired, and I've been making an effort to pack my camera with me while LB and I are out and about.


At her favourite park

Back story to this photo:

She's in this in between stage right now where she has the balance to walk, but hasn't yet taken any independent steps (she's a quick walker when clutching my fingers). I don't know if this means she's feeling frustrated because she can't go where she wants as quickly as she wants, but these past few weeks our LB has been a ball of emotional fury. So much so that I'm trembling at the notion of 'the terrible twos'. Because I feel like we're already there.

Our baby has wants and needs, and needs to let us know what she wants.

It's all very cool, surprising, and exhausting.

What this means is I have been using every chance possible to get her outside so that she has ample time and space to explore as fast and as far as she wants to. A favourite place for her is a local park because there's a Kita group that often lunches there, and she likes to try and steal the other kids' snacks, watch them play, and explore the equipment herself.

Here she is clutching onto a bouncy giraffe, watching the three year olds run circles around her, wondering when it's her turn to do the same.

Soon, sweet girl, I think it will be very soon.


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