Tuesday, 6 August 2013

(The) Oxford (New English Dictionary)

I went to Oxford, England last week.

Without Dan.

Without LB.

Just by myself to visit my lovely friends, who moved there this year from Bern. I had a fantastic time, and I finally got to experience what a quaint English village was all about (not Oxford, rather this other village that we took a bus to get to--a bus that dropped us off on the side of a highway and we had to run across four lanes of traffic to get to the other side--where we had a pint before catching another bus to go even further into the cute English countryside where we had high tea).

I hardly took any pictures, I was too busy talking. Seriously. I didn't even tour any of the colleges, which I think caused lovely Dr. B to shake his head in mild confusion because WHY ELSE DOES ONE VISIT OXFORD IF NOT TO VISIT THE COLLEGES?! But you see I wasn't there to play tourist, I just really wanted to catch-up with my friends, watch lots of Gavin & Stacey, and sleep like I was training for the mother f-ckin' sleep Olympics.

I'm super cultured, you know.

But look!
A picture of leaning tea cups!
I did take a lot of pictures of this one road near Andie and Sam's house, because it's a street with my last name and I was fairly giddy to see so many signs with my last name on them. However, I'm still naively under the impression the Internet doesn't know who I am, so I'm not posting those pictures.
Anyhow, I loved and needed those four days to myself, but leading up to the trip I was a bundle of nerves about leaving LB.
I want to clarify that I was not worried about leaving her with Dan, rather I was just anxious to be away from her. Especially since when you talk to most mothers, hardly any of them have ever left their six year olds let alone their babies. And some of them can get a little judgemental about the fact you are not only going away for four days, but are also looking forward to it.
Some even believe that childhood is so short it's not worth spending even a night away from your kids.
Admirable, but...insane. I'll let those other women win at being Supermom.
And I am straight-up not going to pretend otherwise: Internet, I was really looking forward to my four days to myself. Even though I was anxious to leave my baby-girl, I so needed that R&R.
I am also not reluctant to let you all know that LB was totally fine with me gone. She and Dan had four days of one-on-one time (which is important, since Dan sees her for maybe two hours a day, Monday to Friday), and when I met them at the Bahnhof she was like, "Yo, it's mom. How are yo--..DOG. ANOTHER DOG. DOGS. DOGS. I LOVE ANIMALS."
In other words, she had bigger priorities and wasn't too into the hugs and kisses I was showering her with.
But I did it. I went away by myself without my sweet LB, we were all fine (except for the fact I think Andie and Sam were sick of looking at LB pictures I would shove under their noses)(oh, and the fact I physically ached every time I saw a baby LB's age--wasn't expecting that), and most importantly: Mama did done get some resting in, and I'm a whole new woman.
I feel refreshed.
Later this week I'll show you the other few pictures I took while I was away.


T said...

So proud of you for not only leaving LB but for not feeling guilty about it. Which is sad because you have nothing to feel guilty about, nor should it be such a big deal to me. But it is, because in our world so many people are quick to judge. I haven't even met my baby and I already look forward to and have every intention to ditch him or her now and then for some ME time. And I don't feel reluctant to admit that either! :)

Anyway, I love that you had such a good time and look forward to the next post!

Caitie said...

Thanks for the support, T! You're awesome :)