Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Have You Hugged a Hipster Today?

I have noticed that there is a standard uniform that girls in Bern, ages 18 to 27 (incredibly accurate, btw; don't assume I'm making-up that age bracket), wear: skinny jeans ranging in colours from dark wash to baby pink, a snug shirt that is neither revealing nor inappropriately tight, a fitted blazer, lots of bangles and a chunky necklace, and heeled footwear. Bless their hearts, all of them look like they're about to head to casual Friday at the office. This uniform can even be seen in the late hours of the night, when they're smoking their way through a pack of Parisienne's on their way to the night club. The only thing that *might* change when headed to the clubs is they could wear a skirt that is both revealing and inappropriately tight, but I don't judge. I once wore trousers with pleats to the bar, and then left at the end of the night feeling super sad that no one asked me to dance. I mean, couldn't they tell by my pleated trousers that I was clearly up for some arm-length dancing, chased with lemon water? So yes, if you're going to show some skin I suppose one could consider a night club to be an appropriate place to do so.

Anyhow, this is the uniform for the hip young things around Bern and I find it to be quite sweet. They're all so sensibly dressed! It's like they all know that at any minute they could be called in for a job interview, and they're always ready for it.

So today LB and I were in Bern waiting at the bus stop for our sweet ride home, when we were approached by two girls who were not only not wearing The Uniform, but they might have been hipsters. Why do I think they were hipsters? Well, for one thing they were wearing awesome thick rimmed glasses (clue number one), they each had a gorgeous pair of lace up boots on even though it's summer (clue number two), and they both looked like they'd recently done a shop in their Nan's closet (clue number three). One girl was wearing an awesome floral dress that your grandma might wear to church. It was sort of billowy in the bosom, there was a white lace collar, but it was all cinched in at the waist with a leather belt. I mean sure, that's not a lot to go on to think maybe they're hipsters, and if they'd been walking with a guy who was wearing super tight jeans, a plaid shirt, and twirling the tips of his waxed moustache I might have been more certain. But they weren't, so their clothes and their angular bed-head hair cuts is all I have to go on.

So these hip young ladies paused in front of LB and me, and they started to go giddy over LB.

I was pleased by this.

My baby is awesome, and it's nice when other people pause in their day to put their shades on because they're so blinded by her awesomeness.

Then these hipsters paid LB the funniest compliment. I mean, I actually laughed out loud: "I love her hair! It's such a mega-cool style, did you get it cut that way?"

"Seriously? HAHAHA. Oh. Seriously. Um, no I didn't get it cut. She's only a year old, so it's still her baby hair growing in."

"It is so, so, cool."

"And her shoes! Those are the coolest shoes." LB was wearing the handmade wool booties with leather soles my friend T. bought her. They're super warm and they look lightly crunchy.

"Where did you find those? In a Brocki?"

(A Brocki is a second-hand shop.)

"Um, no. These are from Canada. Made over there."

"Kanada! Mega-cool. Do they have them for adults?"

They fussed over LB some more, which LB loved because she is really a very social little creature, then as the bus came and we were heading our separate ways one of the girls again commented on how awesome LB's hair is.

In case you're wondering, here's that awesome baby's cool hair:

Yes, I do think my hair is pleasing to the eye.

Alright, I'll let you have another picture!

No more pictures!
It's time for me to relax with some reading.
 'Harold and the Purple Crayon' will do nicely.

Oh hipsters, you really do leave a mother feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.


Ais said...

Haha, that's awesome. Oh LB, what a stylish little tot you are ;)

Ais said...

Haha, that's awesome. Oh LB, what a stylish little tot you are ;)