Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Family Ties

This weekend we were hoping to get up into the Alps for our first hike of the season, but alas: Saturday it was pouring rain and cold enough that we could see our breath. In the afternoon. In June. The forecast for Sunday also wasn't great, but we were pleasantly surprised to wake-up on Sunday morning and see the sun.

Hello, old friend! I've missed you!

We weren't organised enough to go hiking (seeing as we'd assumed the whole weekend was a write-off) so instead we quickly packed a picnic lunch and jumped a train to Thun so that we could hang out by the lake for the day.

It was so glorious.

All three of us, Dan, LB, and I, were like reptiles lying in the grass and absorbing as much warmth and Vitamin D as we could. Then one little reptile decided she had enough lying around and spent the rest of the afternoon keeping her parents on their toes as she continually tried to crawl off the grassy knoll and into the lake so she could get to the swans.

Babies, yo.

Then we wandered over to a park to swing on some swings and try to avoid staring at the nude sunbathers who were right across the park lane, in full view of everyone, including the tourists on the ships that were sailing by.

Europe, yo.

People here are not afraid to get naked.

Here's some pictures of our day (minus the nudes, because obviously):

The train is so awesome!
Thun Thun
Classic Thun

Feeding the ducks before we got going.
Bread provided by the local 'duck guy'.
He's sort of like the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2, but with ducks.
Getting organised in the Ergo so we can start our walk.
Hello view. You're so viewerific.
You're not bad yourself.
Spot where we picnicked.
View to the left.
View to the right.
Thun Thun
Viewing the swans.
Swimming area, if you were brave enough to go in.
Heading home.
A ladybird.
A truly restorative day topped off with ice cream bars when we got home.
Oh summer, don't be afraid to stay for awhile.


Dad said...

Beautiful Cait. How I wish we had been there to spend it with you. Thun is a terrific little piece of paradise and it appears that LB made the most of it!

mom said...

So lovely Cait! I wish we were there as well .

MEg said...

Sounded like a great day Cait! Lovely pictures as always. :) Miss you guys.

T said...

Beautiful pictures Caitie, sounds like an aweseome day. Love that LB finally fits those booties!