Friday, 14 June 2013

Feel Free To Pin This*

I was talking with some moms last week about what their littles' favourite toys were, when they were around LB's age. Mostly out of curiosity, and also because oh man the toy stores around here rock so hard and it's all I can do from running in there and cleaning them out. I already have a list of things I want to get her for her birthday and Christmas, plus another list of things I just want to buy now and keep in a closet until she's old enough to play with them.

Trust me, I know it's both fiscally and imaginatively imprudent to get her too much stuff but it still doesn't stop me from having fun day dreaming about the cool Haba blocks I want to get her for Christmas, and the Haba dolls, and the rocking horse. Okay, we're totally getting her the rocking horse for her birthday. We are both crazy stoked about this! And there's a four wheel ladybug that kids can sit on and push themselves around on, and there's a certain little ladybug in our house who has a 99.9% chance of finding this under the Christmas tree.

Toys are so fun!

But anyhow, back to my original point (which I kinda sorta negated), which is we are going to be careful not to inundate her with too much. Too much, while temporarily fun, has no worth. Also, right now LB's favourite toy is a book.

So there's that...

And also, yes, she's so our kid!

Specifically she's crazy about a board book that my sister bought her for Christmas. That timeless classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book

Her favourite thing to do with the book is to flip the pages, bend it backwards in half (which actually physically pains Dan, since he is one of those people who reads a book in such a way that the spine won't crease), and chew on it. She has, in fact, consumed quite a bit of Brown Bear, Brown Bear as you can see.

So back to chatting with moms.

One mom mentioned that her daughter's favourite toy was a buggy book (a book that attaches to the stroller) that had different cartoon faces in it. Her kid was gaga over this.

It gave me an idea.

Why not create my very own book of faces, using family pictures?

So I did.  I went through all my photographs to find close-up pictures of all our family, I printed them out, put them on pieces of card stock, taped over the card stock with clear packing tape (to avoid the aforementioned gnawing and consuming of book), attached everything together with a binder ring, and voila, LB's very first face book (not to be confused with FaceBook).

Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book Lillian's Family Book

All of her grandparents are in here, both her uncles, all of her aunts, and even all the family pets (except for Jax and Chaz...sorry Meg, I had no photos of them! But the photo of Uncle Ryan is really good!).

And that is your kiddy craft of the day.

I will accept all

*I am not crafty. Pinterest often leaves me feeling confused. Why are there pictures of decadent desserts pinned right next to pictures of faceless people's ripped abdominal muscles? And why are all kids' birthday parties themed, with cutesy food? Where's the giant bag of Doritos emptied into a relic of an old plastic bowl, with everyone outside getting dirty and just playing? Why is there an urge to make everything be pretty and staged, now? Though full disclosure, I'm totally going to hang some paper pom-poms for LB's birthday.


Mom said...

Where is the picture of Uncle Ryan?

Caitie said...

It's in the book, mom, along with te others that aren't pictured!

T said...

Love the idea Caitie, I will most definitely use it! Also, I love the Brown Bear book, it was one of my childhood favorites too :)

Ais said...

Haha, glad to see she's liking that book! And the family book is a great idea :)

Anonymous said...

A fantastic idea... so good, it's been done! My mom gave Isla one of these plastic photo books of our family. We call it, 'Her People'. Well done, clever Mama!
xx Crystal