Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We Need To Talk About The Weather

I know what you're thinking: "Caitie! You're better than this! The weather, really?"

My response is no, I am not better than this. At this point and time on May 29th I am really not above talking about the weather because IT IS TOTAL SHIT AND BUMMING ME OUT. Phew, glad I got that out.

Last night before turning out the lights I checked my weather app in hopes for a sunny day today, and this forecast awaited me when I opened up the screen:


Then I threw my phone against a wall.
Okay, so I didn't do that; however, I was super pissed off.
If there's one thing you shouldn't get mad about it's the weather, I realise, but we are on such a losing streak these days that I can't help but feel sorry for myself. I'm not alone in this either, because the favourite story they've been featuring on the news is how people are FLEEING the country. Shots of the Swiss Air counter at Zurich airport show hoards of people waiting to check-in so they can check-out of this GD storm cloud we've been living under since OCTOBER. People interviewed are heading to Greece, to Egypt, and other sunny destinations I'm not familiar with but I'd sure be willing to get to know better.
I mean sure, we've had a sunny day here and there but really that's it: a sunny day here and there. Then it rains for a week.
People in the UK, how do you deal with this? Seriously? I need to know because we're soon entering June, and in my experience with living here June is always extremely rainy and cold around Bern. In past years I was bothered, but usually our April and May had been glorious so you know, whatever I could suck it up and deal with a few weeks of rain because the summer months would pick-up where May left off. However, this year?
This year I have one sad little thought burrowing deep into my brain: WHAT IF IT'S NEVER SUNNY AGAIN?
What if?!
Well, I guess I'll try and leave this post on a positive note: At least our projected highs this week are in the double digits....
Yeah, that's still a low.


mom said...

If it's any consolation, the weather has been awful here as well. A snow squall went through Cache Creek on the weekend! Seriously, that is crazy!!

Helen said...

Even in the UK - where we are brought up to expect rain 10/12ths of the year and to keep an umbrella in our bags at all times - this is getting too much. Thank goodness we finally had a sunny weekend after a week of solid, solid rain.