Thursday, 30 May 2013

Random Act of Kindness

People are so surprising and totally awesome, when you least expect it.

Today LB and I were on the bus coming home from Bern; LB was in her stroller, chewing on her buggy book, and I was sitting down in a double seat--sharing it with a seatmate--and we were both facing LB.

The woman sitting beside me did not strike me as a person who would be interested in babies, and I'm totally judging the book by its cover here: she was a bad-ass looking chick. She had tattoos all over her hands, her face had a few piercings, and she was dressed for heavy work with steel toe boots, work pants, and a heavy jacket.

As the bus moved from stop to stop, LB would peek out from her buggy to check if I was still there and I'd smile and wave; LB would smile back, then go back to chewing on her book. Suddenly the woman beside me sighed and said, "She is the sweetest baby. So, so, sweet."

I thanked her with a huge smile on my face, because come on: there's nothing better than someone telling you your kid is sweet.  Then the woman started chatting with LB, asking her if her book tasted good, telling her she had pretty eyes, telling her she liked her jacket and her smile.

LB was totally into this. She absolutely loves people and is not shy at all, so this woman talking to her was the best thing ever.

Then the woman put one tattooed hand over her heart and said: "She has made my day. Really."

"That's a very nice thing to say," I replied.

Then she opened up her wallet (attached to her pants with a chain) took out her bus pass holder and extracted from it a four leaf clover. "Here, please keep this for her."

"Really? Thank-you," I said, sort of dumbfounded, as I reached for it.

"It's okay. I have lots." Then she opened up the bus pass holder wider and sure enough she had about seven four leaf clovers tucked under the plastic.

"Some people look and look and look and never find one. I see them everywhere. Please press it in a book, it will dry and keep forever."

Then we reached her stop.

She pinched LB on the cheek as she left, telling her again she was lovely, and stepped off the bus and on with her day. And me? I've taped the clover into the journal I'm keeping for LB's first year, with a note following about this bad-ass looking chick with a soft spot.

Also, I don't know why I'm left so surprised when I have a nice encounter with a stranger, but I am. It surprises me every time.


mom said...

It is always uplifting when we realize that there are a lot of nice people in this old world :-) besides, how could anyone not be smitten with LB.

T said...

I love meeting people like that! I agree with you as well, I'm always surprised when strangers treat you with random kindness. And then I'm surprised by my own reaction.