Monday, 6 May 2013

Oh Hufflepuff!

Don't you guys think that "Oh Hufflepuff!" would be a great replacement for "Oh F....!"  Yes, clearly I'm obsessed with having some sort of exclamation to fall back on now that I'm on the quest for a cleaner vocabulary around LB.

Anyhow, the point of this post is about Hufflepuff and if you don't know Hufflepuff that means you don't know Harry Potter and that means I don't want to know you.


The truth hurts.

This past weekend my friend sent me a YouTube clip mocking the House of Hufflepuff, and the best part of the clip goes as follows:  "Gryffindor is for the brave, Slytherin is for the cunning, Ravenclaw is for the wise, and Hufflepuff is...for the rest."

So funny, because it's so true! No one wants to be a lame ol' Hufflepuff. What's so great about them? They're nice and work hard? Pfft. So what! Give me a little rock 'n' roll, please.

Because I am a Harry Potter nerd, this obviously means I have taken many, many online Sorting Hat quizzes. Many. When taking the test, it's no secret that everyone wants to be sorted into Gryffindor because obviously they're toats the best; however, no matter how many tests I take I am stubbornly...a Hufflepuff. I just can't get sorted into Gryffindor for the life of me! And I think it boils down to one question paraphrased as follows:

If you stumble across an abandoned building that has a sign saying "DANGER do not enter!", what do you do?

Um, it's obvious.


And that sums me up. I am a rule follower. If there's a rule, I will follow it. Otherwise I get sweaty and nervous, and am constantly checking over my shoulder looking for the rule police who are going to sneak up on me and shout I HEREBY ARREST THEE FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES.

And then my life is over.


Clearly I was the easiest teenager to raise.

In October my sisters had great fun gently teasing me (those damn Gryffindors!) for being a Hufflepuff. In fact, they even guessed which question I kept getting hung up on. I suppose I could just lie on that question, but then where would I be? A Slytherin? I THINK NOT. Lying is breaking the rules of truth and I will not do it!

Anyhow, this all ties in with little LB. What if she has a personality where she might choose to be...a rule breaker? I guess the first thing I'd do is demand a DNA test. Well, that would have been the first thing I'd do if we hadn't looked at baby photos of me when in Canada and determined LB is my little dopplegaenger. (Oh hell yeah, that was the best feeling evah!)

But in seriousness, Dan posed this semi-philosophical parenting question to me recently: "Why will [LB] listen to us? Just because we set a rule, why will she follow it?"

(In case it's not obvious, Dan is a damn Gryffindor too.)

My argument was, "Because they're rules. Why wouldn't she follow them?"

[insert confused face.]

"Yes, but there might be instances where she does not want to, and will not, follow them. Then what?"

"I...don't...but it's, it's...a rule..."


"...a rule..."

In case it's not obvious, this question is blowing my mind. You mean my baby might not grow up to be like me? (But hopefully with better math skills.)



Anonymous said...

just to be clear, when I took the (only) sorting hat test, I was recognized as being a gryffindor and slytherin at the same time
...I mean BOO YA Baby!!

Now bow down an kneel before my greatness minions!!

*insert evil cackle*


Caitie said...

Gasp! Dan, I just realised that makes you, basically, Harry Potter. He too could have been both.

Mind blown.

I'm a nerd.

<3 you.

Anonymous said...

hey Baby, want me to show you my scar?


Caitie said...

This is sort of--sometimes--a G rated blog, Dan!


T said...

I was going to ask for the link to take the test, but I'm pretty sure I'm a Hufflepuff too. Stupid warning signs telling us what to do!

Ais said...

Only a Hufflepuff would worry about non G rated comments on their blog ;)

Caitie said...

T--Just google 'sorting hat quiz' and loads come up!

Ais--Only a non-Hufflepuff, that's all I got.

T said...

Haha, I took 3 quizzes - 2 for Ravenclaw and 1 for Hufflepuff!

Caitie said...

T--I didn't even know it was possible to get into Ravenclaw! Cudos! None of the questions ever struck me as that academic, we know why I've never been sorted into Ravenclaw. Haha!