Monday, 27 May 2013

Don't Text and Mother

Um, babies are a lot of work.

I sort of knew this, but mostly I didn't.

They're also super cute as they thoughtfully eat an apple.

Also one thing I didn't know is that babies are just like puppies: they will eat anything (apples included!). But seriously, I am constantly on the lookout for random debris that LB might find and shove in her mouth. I do about thirty sweeps of the apartment everyday, yet still I will find her quietly in the corner, her jaws working overtime, and when I pry open her mouth I find in there one lone and very brown pine needle from a Christmas tree that hasn't been in our apartment since January 1st, found in a spot that I vacuum EVERYDAY.

It baffles me.

I have no idea where this kid finds the junk that she does, but find it she does and immediately upon grabbing hold of this dirty prize she crams it in her mouth.

The other day I was standing in the hallway keeping an eye on LB as she crawled around. My phone was in my back pocket and it buzzed with a text message. LB crawled over to me to play with my toes, and I answered the text. I don't know if I got too involved or what but mid-reply I realised there was no longer an LB playing with my little toe and also, there was no LB in the hallway.

All was quiet.


I went into our bedroom and found her next to the bed, and when she looked up at me she had a hunk of one of my dirty old makeup sponges hanging out of her mouth. Scattered all around her was the rest of the sponge, which she'd viciously torn into shreds.

Seriously! It hadn't even been five minutes, and WHERE DID THE SPONGE COME FROM? I just cleaned out underneath our bed, and I haven't used one of those things since before she was born. Also, ACK, did she ingest some of this sponge?!

I fretted about that for at least an hour.

Furthermore, let's not even go into detail about how many times she's been found digging through Cosmo's food dish trying to shove kibble in her mouth before we spoil her fun. (Daily! This happens daily!) Because oh, I feel faint at the thought of it.

Dudes, babies are super exhausting!

Who knew?

(Besides everyone.)


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
It's that dirty little secret that mom's don't tell new parents!!

mom said...

That is so funny Cait! When all is quiet then you know something is going on :-)

Ais said...

Gerber Baby!!!!