Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day in the Life

It's lunch, and Dan's home to eat with us.
My computer is out and in the way, and my empty breakfast bowl, coffee cup, and mid-morning yogurt cup haven't yet found their way into the kitchen.
One of LB's crib sheets is freshly washed and hanging off the chair to dry.
Wrapping streamers were discovered before lunch, and have been appropriately pulled and pulled from their roll.
LB's 'Mama's making lunch, here's something to play with' piece of bread has been torn to shreds and tossed onto the floor. She patiently waits now for the rest of her lunch, and watches her dad eat.
And in the background is a cat, strolling through my empty planter boxes, eating the dirt, which he will later throw-up inside the house.
Probably on the only piece of carpet we own.
That's life, Internet.
And it's grand.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Isn't it funny what we let our babies do so we can have a few minutes to get things done.