Monday, 22 April 2013

Heading to the North Country

During our time in Canada, we split our time between Vancouver, Kamloops, and 100 Mile House. "100 Mile House?" you ask in confusion, "Is that a real place?" Yes, it is, and you can't be blamed for asking; the passport agent in Zurich asked my sister the same thing last October when he looked at her passport and noted that's where she was born.

100 Mile House is where Dan's mom and her husband live, and it's the town where Dan's family moved to when they immigrated to Canada. I too lived there when I was a kid, and as a result I've always had a nostalgic fondness for the place. It's not a huge city by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it's a nice town full of friendly people, has a bookstore (what more do you need?), and it's nestled in some truly gorgeous country.

We got married in 100 Mile House, so when we were visiting we decided to take LB to the heritage site where we exchanged vows. It was a storm cloud of a day, which is perfect for taking dramatic pictures. I didn't bring my proper camera with me on this trip (no room in my carry-on! Babies require a lot of stuff!) but I did get some pretty awesome pictures on my phone, ifIdosaysomyself.


100 Mile House
View off the deck at the in-law's place.
Another shot, without the tree or storm clouds.
100 Mile House
Area where we were married.
This road runs behind the site, and if you follow it it takes you around the lake.
And this barn?
I wanted to have our wedding reception here. A barn dance! How fun
would that have been?!

Logistically it didn't work out as I wanted our guests to have a good time and not worry about driving back to the resort where we were staying.
100 Mile House
Another shot of the barn.
100 Mile House
The chapel where we were married.
Back view.
(Note, our actual wedding day was A LOT sunnier than this. I got a sunburn.)
100 Mile House
The old heritage house.
100 Mile House
Just a cool old cabin at the end of the road.
See what I mean, Internet? Isn't it pretty?


mom said...

Really pretty Cait - brings back lots of memories :-)

Ais said...

What?? A barn dance was an option?? I would have slept outside in the grass afterwards....just saying lol :) Nice pictures!!

Helen said...

Amazing photos! And what a great place to get married.