Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beaver Tails, Maple Syrup, How's It Goin' Eh?

In case you're wondering, our eating tour of Canada is going wonderfully.  So great, in fact, that I am officially sick of eating. Some other alright stuff has happened, too. You know, like being within driving distance of your most cherished favourite people. If, like, you're, like, into that and whatever. Like, yeah. Whatevs. No biggie.

(BIGGIE. It totally rocks!)

But otherwise, we're having a wonderful time and my only terrible news to report is this: I thought I knew my husband inside and out, but apparently I don't.

Point 1:

I was convinced that he was going to have culture shock coming back, because I have.

Nope. Not at all. He's as cool as a GD cucumber that's been hanging out in the fridge all week. The one and only thing that surprised him was the size of restaurant portions. THAT'S IT. Mega bummer.

Point 2:

We're walking through Superstore this afternoon, stocking up on jam-jams for our LB, when my dear husband passes the magazine rack and says, "Maxim magazine. I used to read that all the time. I remember when I used to be practically waiting by the mailbox for my new issue."


I repeat:


News to me.

We fly back to Switzerland on Thursday and once back I'll have a few details for you, including the part where we were totally the people on the plane that everyone wished would get sucked out of a window, because of our crying baby. Yep, that happened.

We hope it was a one time isolated occurrence (spread out over the course of eighteen hours) and won't happen on the way home.

I mean, my baby is the sweetest most precious little sugar cube in the box.

Of course it won't happen again.

I'm in denial it even happened in the first place.

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