Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back to the Future

So here's the thing about little babies: they don't understand flying back to the future. They did okay flying back in time (Zurich-Vancouver = going back in time) but shot putting them nine hours into the future...yeah.

It was a nightmare.

While we were back home, I had a lot of help. Loads. Everyone wanted to hold LB and I was all, "SURE."  Even people who didn't ask to hold her, I was all, "Want to hold her? Sure you do. Here you go. Come on, unfold your arms. Take the baby." Babies get heavier as they get older, Internet. My arms are tired.

But have you ever asked a friend or family member to hold their baby and could tell the person was visibly reluctant to hand over their spawn (older babies I mean, I never asked to hold a newborn because they freaked me out)? This has happened to me a handful of times through the years, I didn't really get it, but now that I have an eight month old LB of my own (eight months today!) I really don't get it. They are asking to relieve you of your 9 kilo kid. SAY YES. I mean, what do these parents think will happen? That the person is going to get a hold of the baby and then toss it through the air like a frisbee, gleefully waiting to see if Fido will jump up to catch the baby in his mouth? Or purposefully drop the baby, to see if it will bounce?

I was thrilled that so many people wanted to hold our LB, and it was good for LB; just so she knows, "Hey, it's cool. People are awesome, don't be scared of them. Mama's still right here, ready to catch you if they decide to see if you are bouncy."

So it was all hands on deck when we were in Canada, and it was freaking awesome. Now we're back to the future. Just Dan and me. Nine hours into the future to be exact, and little babies were waking up at 3 a.m. and were all, "Yowza, it's playtime Mama! LET'S ROCK." Then you gently tried to explain, "Hey little love of mine, it's three in the morning I think we should keep sleeping."

Then the baby blew a raspberry (for real, this is happening now) to let you know, "Woman, I'm jet lagged AND cutting a tooth. I think I'll stay awake now and just to let you know I'm not falling for the ol' "toys in the crib, amuse myself routine", you have to get up with me. Like, now. Right now. Then again at 6. Thanks. RAZZZBERRY."

Trust me, I wouldn't mind having a few more hands on deck right now.

Don't believe me? Look at this.

Vacation, loads of help, Caitie:

Back to the future, no help, Caitie:
My hair looked like this for three days and I will not apologise for the application of a filter to this image: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
I think we're over the worst of it now. Want to know how I know?
I brushed my hair today.
For real.


T said...

hahaha, awesome pictures Caitie, I wish I was there to hold the baby for you!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I am safely laughing in my own time zone that we have never left with a baby!! You are one brave strong mama!!

mom said...

Good pictures Cait :-) Happy 8 mos birthday Lillie Bean xxxx