Tuesday, 30 April 2013

All You Need Is Love

I have been operating under the impression that I'm a bit 'no worries, be happy' about this whole raising a person, dealy-o. If polled, I would have confidently replied: 'Yep, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to my baby girl.' Except yesterday, Interent, as I was drifting off to sleep I realised with a jolt that I am actually...not that laid back when it comes to LB.


You see, in the past two weeks or so I have sent my good friend three separate emails that can be boiled down to: I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING OR WHAT'S GOING ON.

I think it's safe to say I was fairly easy-breezy when LB was just a little immobile LB who slept all the time, ate, then slept some more, then occasionally woke-up to gently play with her rattles, or just wanted to be tightly cuddled wherein she would stare-up at me and coo the softest most adorable coo.

Oh those days, I was definitely easy-breezy back then.

You know, four months ago...

Anyhow, this past month there have been some wicked awesome changes with our baby girl. She is rolling all over the place (she rolls over to the cats' water bowl and delights in playing in it! Cool! Except for actually cleaning up the mess), she likes to play peek-a-boo, she's a good eater, she strews her little toys all over our living room carpet, she has two teeth, and she's really...um, vocal. Yes...vocal.

These changes happened fast, and I'm left all, "Huh...what...but you were just here?...And now you're...over...there?"

So anyhow, I'm feeling a little "What the...firetruck?" 

(Potty mouth! Working on the potty mouth!)

And this has resulted in me sending Dear Jana (p.s. Jana, you should start an advice column in the local paper) three emails in two weeks, because WHAT? WHAT'S HAPPENING?

The first email was about LB's large voice. I'd been at Starbucks with a new friend, and LB was happily, so happily, screaming away. My new friend couldn't believe how loud LB was, but not in a negative way. Just in a, 'Wow, that's quite a set of pipes on her.'

Then LB and I were out for lunch with another friend and her baby, and every time LB would scream this deeply upset my friend's baby and it would cry. LB would watch the baby cry, quite fascinated, and when it would stop she'd scream again. The other baby would cry again. She'd watch, then as soon it stopped she screamed again. This went on for about fifteen minutes. Sort of funny...except if you consider my LB realised she could make another baby cry.

Anyhow, this got me over thinking (key here is over thinking) and wondering, 'Am I supposed to be doing something about this? Asking her to please be quiet? Why is she screaming? AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG?'

So I emailed my friend who reassured me this is pretty normal, LB's discovering her voice, it's a toy, and most reassuring of all: all my friend's kids went through this, too.

The next "What the firetruck?" email was about LB's diet. I'm just left so confused because even though I don't know a lot about kids I was pretty aware that there's things they aren't supposed to eat until 'x' age. However, our paediatrician only gave me a few (as in, three) major things to avoid until she's a year...and that's it. I distinctly recall the list used to be longer! And it was! But now they've changed it! What's going on? Why have they changed the rules that I didn't really understand to begin with? I'M CONFUSED.

Result? Email.

And finally, the last email to round out this trio of, "Caitie doesn't know what she's doing or how to play it cool," came as result of me letting my exhausted defences down. I'd been wondering all day if 'x' change in LB was because of one thing, and then in a moment of weakness I found myself logging onto that crack practitioner Dr. Google (I KNOW BETTER, I REALLY DO) and utterly scaring the crap out of myself because the results were a heck of a lot scarier than what I originally was thinking the reason could be.

So, email number three was fired off with a reassuring reply to ping in my inbox shortly thereafter. Phew. Thank goodness for friends. The last thing I wanted to do was call the REAL doctor's office this morning and have the nurse stamp, "MOTHER IS INSANE AND CLUELESS" into LB's chart.

I'm so thankful for Dear Jana, to have a veteran friend (well, her kids are still little but they're older than my LB) who giggles with fondness over this clueless species of parent known as the 'first time mom' before setting me on my feet again so that I can toddle off into the next new and unknown territory. One day I hope to be able to be this reassuring person for another mom, because the support that women can lend to each other is really invaluable.

It takes a village, Internet, and the most important thing to remember is all you really do need is love (and a good internet connection, to fire off the emails).


T said...

haha, just think Caitie, around this time next year you can answer my "What the Firetruck?!" e-mails :)

oooh, or maybe even phone calls?!

Caitie said...

T--so true! Let's hope for phone calls!!