Wednesday, 20 March 2013

We Will Eat All The Food

It's close to our anticipated Canada trip, and Dan and I are getting very excited....about the food. In the past few weeks we will randomly be going about our evening, when one person will break the silence with these tantalizing words: "Pachos, extra cheese, spicy Caesar," or, "White Spot Burger, triple o sauce," or, "McCracken chicken wings," or, "steak and lobster."

Then the other person starts salivating all over their keyboard and all productivity halts.

Of course you can get some of these things in Switzerland, but we hardly ever eat out. We go for our Saturday morning coffee dates, which usually include a sweet treat or savoury tart, and occasionally we meet-up for lunch, but that's about it. Dining out has become a real treat for us since moving here. As I said in a blog post many moons ago, restaurants here do not compete to be the everyday way that people sustain themselves. Grabbing something on-the-go for lunch is pretty normal (the most common thing being sandwiches) but eating out at a restaurant or grabbing a take-a-way for dinner a few nights a week just isn't common, and we've fallen into that pattern. I seriously cook dinner seven days a week.

We eat healthier here than we did in Canada, because here the opposite is true: it's easier to eat at home.

So needless to say, we are really looking forward to this treat of a trip where we plan on indulging in everything that we used to take for granted, and yes, when I wrote steak and lobster I was serious!

Dan and I have been together for ten years this Easter, and hot damn if we aren't going to celebrate the shit out of that.

So cheers, Internet, here's hoping my jeans still button when I get home.

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T said...

So excited to see you guys!