Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Printing Memories

I am totally overwhelmed with how many photos I've taken of LB in her first six months.

Ready--no exaggerartion--just over a thousand.


What's overwhelming is trying to decide what to do with all of these. I need to properly back them up, but I also need to develop some of them. The only photograph we have printed of her in our house is a spare copy of her passport photo. Seriously.

Digital photography is a wonder, but it's easy to be lazy with it. I grew up having an entire photo album that was basically dedicated to just me, and every one knows that there's nothing kids like more then to flip through pictures of themselves as babies and ask billions of questions that go along the lines of, "What was I like as a baby?" On rainy, snowy, cold days, my sisters and I loved sitting in our living room and flipping through the photo albums.

Somehow I get the feeling that LB will not appreciate having to sit in front of a computer and digitally flip through thousands of pictures of her. It won't be the same. You need to hold something in your hands, and I don't mean a tablet.

The other thing I've realized is that even though I have so many pictures of LB, I have gotten really lazy about using my camera. I've mostly been snapping shots of her with my phone or the iPad, but the quality of a DSLR image is incomparable. It's undeniably cool all the filters that can be applied to an iPhone or iPad photo, but at the same time I don't want my LB growing up thinking her life had a permanent Walden haze to it (my filter of choice).

Also, not to sound like a pompous a-hole, but I'm pretty good at taking pictures and I don't want to forget about a pastime that brings me so much joy.

At almost five months, learning to sit

The Gurten, end of January
Proof that she's not always smiling.
My heart.
So my mission is that I am going out today and buying a really beautiful Moleskin album, and I'm going to turn it into a photo album. I am buying some pencil crayons, and I'm going to decorate the front page with her name and birth details, I'm going to include a couple of pregnancy photos of me, I'm going to include her hospital hat and bracelet, and then I'm going to start culling photos and developing some for her so that in years to come she can flip through her album and know what she looked like at ages 0-1 month, 1-2 months, etc...
I've been planning this for the past two months, but as I say, the number of photos to go through is enormous, and right now I have hardly any time at night to devote to the project. But, today I decided to prioritize it because if I don't make the effort, she's the one being cheated.
Also, I am going to make it a resolution to take at least a few DSLR photos a week, and make them a Friday feature. I resolve to do this...starting next week. 
Yes, that sounds good.
(Or maybe the week after.)
(But I will do it!)
(Maybe just give me a couple of months to think about it.)


T said...

I really enjoyed this post Caitie. I am so happy to hear that you are wanting to go back to your DSLR roots! I've been struggling myself with not taking enough pictures and working on improving my skills with my fancy camera, but now that Spring is on its way I've been feeling like it is time to bring that baby out!

I also love that you are going to start a photo album. It's becoming a lost art and I think that is truly sad.

As always, I love the pictures and am looking forward to your Friday features!

Caitie said...

Thanks T! I think the photo album is definitely so important; I just loved looking at pictures when I was a kid, and she will too. There's mystery in your parents knowing so much about a phase of your life you can't remember. The photo album is proof: I was a baby!

Yes, I can not complain about needing a new camera body when I'm hardly using the one I've got! It's time to put some effort back into my favourite hobby!

I agree that spring is perfect inspiration!

mom said...

Cait, that picture of Dad will LB is lovely! What a beautiful picture.

mom said...

That should say DAN!!