Thursday, 7 March 2013

I Might Be Taking Pureeing Too Far

So our LB has entered the world of solids, and it's really awesome thinking up new vegetables and fruits to blend up and feed her. The most awesome part of this experience being, of course, the expression on her face when she tastes something new.

It can be summarised as follows:

What in the name of Sophie the Giraffe is this? BRING ME MY MILK.

But after three or four bites, she's into it. The only brick wall we've hit is with sweet potatoes; she really couldn't stand them, but little does she know they're back on the menu this week because mama ain't raisin' no fussy eaters! Preach it! Even if they are only six months old!

So pureed food, do you guys even know how appealing it is? It really is. I was feeding her pureed spinach with some potato earlier this week, and I thought, "Imagine putting a grilled pork loin over top a bed of pureed spinach with just a drizzle of gremolata. Yummy, pureed spinach!"

Then last night I was feeding her pureed fennel (mega hit, by the way), and all I could think about was a thick piece of Halibut sitting in a circle of pureed fennel, with roasted baby tomatoes on top. But then I got even more crazy and thought, "Why not just puree the baby tomatoes, too! And the fish!"

Fact: I seriously want to puree anything I can get my hands on...FOR MYSELF.

Babies have it so easy! Imagine all the time time we could save by just drinking up our dinners with a straw?

Who's with me?!

Chewing is so last century!


T said...

hahaha, you had me until you suggested pureed fish! I just can't see that going over well!

Dad said...

In the circle of life Cait, we do similar things in infancy and in old age. One is go in our pants, the other is eat pureed food. I think I want to eat solid foods for awhile longer!!

Caitie said...

Haha!! Good one dad!