Friday, 1 March 2013

A New Month!

I decided ten days ago that February officially sucked hardcore and I was walking away from it. This is why I haven't blogged. Also, I realise that it hasn't exactly been sunshine and rainbows around A Cait's Life since the start of the year, but heh, that's been the start of my year.

Sometimes life is a kick in the teeth.

So anyhow, February.

If I never have another month like that one, it will be too soon. I stayed up last night until midnight (or, okay, I was actually just awake) to slam the door on February's departing ass, and I made sure to yell after it, "And I hope the door DOES hit you on your way out!" What can I say: they were not the greatest 28 consecutive days I've ever had.

Today, to celebrate March 1st, I'm taking my baby girl to Starbucks because I want a matcha tea latte. We are going to recline into a cozy chair, she is going to fiercely shake her rattle, I will read my book, and I am going to be thankful for a very hot drink on this very cold day that someone else made for me.

Also, I am excited about March because we have a very special trip booked for the end of it: we're visiting Canada for three weeks. I get to see my old friends again! They get to meet LB in person! I get to see my grandparents! Dan will be home for the first time in 3.5 years! Side note: he does not think that he will be shocked by the difference of Canada vs. Switzerland, and oh how I laugh at his naivety. How I laugh!

I'm excited for this month, but I'm even more excited that I got to say adios to shitty February.

To leave you all, here's a little email Dan forwarded on to me. Back in our early days of courtship, I used to craft elaborate emails for him that made no sense. They were bizarre. Especially weird was the period I like to call "Caitie's Rap-Poem Phase".  Yes, it's true, instead of writing about my day I would try to recap it for him in the stylings of Jay-Z. No matter that these were purposefully satirical, they are still the whitest, most embarrassing, attempts at rap-poems one e'er did read.

A few nights ago Dan was cleaning out his inbox, and I was flattered to learn he'd kept nearly all my correspondence. It's almost like letters spritzed with perfume for future generations to find...except not. As he was going through his inbox, he started shouting with laughter and immediately forwarded one email onto me, then another.

I flushed red.

Obviously that means I should share these with you.

The first one is actually not from our early days of courtship, but was written when the Swiss seed was planted in my brain:

Wordz Homey
Look at me gettin' all gangsta on your ass,
'Cause I'm gonna rap this shit like I'd wrap yo gift!
Yo, yo, yo,
They don't mean nothin' - they just wordz.
But yo, wordz can change livez,
They can save livez,
They are bits of light when your world goez dark.
Hear me speak,
Watch and learn,
Tomorrow we be in Bern,
Living the Swiss life.

Umm...yeah. I don't know what the f-ck it means either. Clearly if my attempt was to compose a rap-poem that ridiculed the letter 's', while being a mixed bag of themes (or, rather, themez) this one is a success.

The next one is a rap-poem written for a university buddy who was tired of being a fine arts T.A. dealing with first year students. I don't know how Dan ended up with it?


I don't know what to do,
I'm really sick of you.
All these little scholastic peeps
are starting to make me weep.
They want me to bust out a mark
for their original works of art.
Dudes, can't you see
I don't even have time for me.
I grade your prints of black and white
but I'm sick of your questions a'ight?
Just figure it out yourself
I ain't no xmas elf
I'm shuttin' my door
Fuckin' leave - you gonna hear me roar!

Well, okay. At least I stuck with a theme in this one.

I guess...

Anyhow, Internet, that's it for me.
I'm gonna leave.
I gotta go and start drinkin'
some putrid lookin' green tea.


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T said...

Haha, thanks for the laugh this morning Caitie! And I agree, I'm so happy it is officially March. Looking forward to seeing you!