Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This Will Be Sappy

This post is going to make me sound sappy, but it is what it is.

Today LB and I joined Dan on a business meeting he had with one of his very elderly clients (97!) who lives at an assisted living facility. It is not normal to ever go with Dan to meet clients, but this lady is a bit special: in addition to being of notable age, she has no family and is a bit lonely. She was excited when Dan told her we were having a baby, and today Dan asked her if she wanted to meet LB.

When we arrived at her apartment she met us outside her door and gave me a very warm welcome in English.  This lady lived in England EIGHTY YEARS AGO, where she attended two years of schooling, and she still speaks English despite not having spoken it for eighty years. Really amazing.

What really made me feel sappy though was her delight in LB. And not just because LB is LB (which, come on, she's awesome) it's just the fact that our LB is a baby and there's something about babies that brings pure joy to people. Whenever we're in town and I'm giving LB her bottle, I eventually start to feel like I'm in the middle of a circle of onlookers: people approach and tell her she's a 'little bean' or a 'sweet little mouse', they try to make her smile (and they succeed 90% of the time), they like to touch her pudgy hand (then tell me she's too warm...), but mostly they just like to stare at her. It's really amazing how much joy your baby can bring to other people, and I never ever realized this before having LB.

To a baby, the world is pure magic: that light switches on and off? Wow! This ceiling has tiny holes decorated all through it? Amazing! That cat runs away when I jab my spitty hand in its face? Again! Babies delight in everything, and by default, everyone who shows interest in them. Their smiles are contagious and today I really felt like LB made this woman's day just because she smiled at her; just because she giggled at her; just because she was across the table from her. And it wasn't just this woman, but others in the restaurant too (when we went for lunch) all watched and smiled at LB.

I guess what I finally understood today is that babies are personified sunshine and they bring light to so many people--not just their parents--and today, most importantly, to the people who need that brighteness the most.


T said...

Wow! Just the thought of you guys bring such joy to a lonely 97 year old woman gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. She must have some wonderful stories that the world is missing out on.

I love the way you have written about LB bringing joy to people. It is something to keep in mind the next time I get super annoyed with people touching my friends baby and interrupting our conversation when we're out for coffee. Thanks again Caitie :)

Caitie said...

Hey T! She did tell us some pretty cool tidbits about her life. She raised search dogs, lived in Spain for forty years, knows France 'like the top of her socks', etc... It was nice. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I just want to be left alone when feeding Lill, but you know she loves looking at people, she loves when people smile at her, and it's mutual, so I just go with it. What's three minutes, you know?