Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Still Water

Midnight strikes, the champagne cork pops, and the clear night sky starts filling with starbursts of red, green, gold, and purple. The new year is just a baby so we stand on our deck, the cold cement freezing our toes, and we shout happily to let it know it is welcome, with our neighbours chiming in before another fuse is lit, before another loud bang drowns out our voices.


We sneak into her room to give her New Year good luck kisses on the cheeks. She sleeps soundly through the noise rockets and fireworks, but her mother's tipsy footsteps waken her. Her pudgy fingers find the streamers wrapped around my neck like a scarf, and she grabs onto them tightly.

I laugh because, of course. Only I can be louder than fireworks and noise rockets.

I gently pry her fingers loose, making sure no paper remains locked in her grasp.

She sleeps again.

A good baby.


The morning is rough.

Six o'clock comes early.


A pyjama day.

All day.

A family nap together in bed, cats included.

Apple and bacon grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.


Today, two Bernese Mountain Dog sightings. Happiness. A beautiful, beautiful dog.

A dark-cloud of a man stands on the bus, rooted to his space-taking spot. He throws angry words over his shoulder when the dog turns its head and its nose grazes his gloved hand. "What a grouchy old prick," I think. The young woman and her boyfriend exchange eye-rolls as she tries to find space to gently move her dog away from the belligerent man who won't move for anyone else.


At the Bahnhoff, another Bernese. His owner looking like they have hiked, or plan to hike.

"Oh look!" I point excitedly.

Dan looks. He knows.

One day.

Not today.


LB's blue eyes stare upwards at the grey sky.

She has learned how to shriek. Happy shrieks. Followed by delighted coos. Loud shrieks. Followed by louder shrieks.

I laugh every time.


2013: a new voice.


T said...

beautiful Caitie!

mom said...

That is lovely Cait :-)