Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's The Toys I Feel Bad For

How heartwarming was Toy Story 3, I ask you?

No seriously, I'm really asking. I've never finished watching it. I always get to the part where the grumpy old teddy bear gets in the way of the toys making their great escape, then I lose interest. Do they make it home? Does Andy get to be a college boy who has his toy collection on display? All the girls must be flocking to his dorm room 'to study'.

But one thing I took away from the bits and pieces I've seen of TS3 is what cruel and unusual punishment it is for a toy to be at the hands of the...less gentle. Also, what cruel and unusual punishment it is for a toy to be at the hands of the...reflux challenged.

Exhibit (A):

photo (9)
This is Lavender.
She was a gift from Santa.
Bless her, she's still smiling.
photo (10)
This is Hedgey.
He's part of the dynamic duo known as Foxy & Hedgey.
They are finger puppet rattles. 
But also, most recently and a decidedly less glamorous part of the job:
they get chewed on.
A lot.
Toys man. When you go to bed tonight just think about your favourite toys and what a tough job they had.
You know what else is a tough job?
You know it!
So that mom and tot group I've been going to is awesome; I've had some great conversations with some nice ladies, but holy hell: children are effing loud. Also, they're petri-dishes of infection.
LB and I are both under the weather.
I was telling one mom yesterday that I can't keep on top of the housework. She suggested I just put the baby in a sling and do my housework that way. Um, alright...if the objective was I actually wanted to get some housework done.
I hate it.
I am counting down the days until my disposable income is such where I never have to decide between new clothes or a housekeeper. I CAN HAVE BOTH. Until that day, I will always choose new clothes and just turn a blind eye to my crummy floors--until they start blinking back, then I'll do something about them.
Until then, this is how I spend my time instead of vacuuming: 
Dancing with my sweet baby to Florence & the Machine.
In our p.j.s.
At noon.
Also, here's some more pictures of LB just because she's cute and kissable and photographical (yes words I make up are still words) and huggable and snugglable and cuteable and everything else in the world times a million.
photo (7)
So serious...(ly SWEET)
photo (8)
She knows it, too.
Just ignore my creepy eye photobombing an otherwise perfect picture.
The only other thing I can think of that happened this past week, nothing. I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. So I'll share something I'm thinking of making for dinner tomorrow night. Super Bowl Sunday is this...Sunday, but while I don't care for American football (I LOVE soccer...specifically certain goalkeepers who play for Real Madrid), I'm a huge fan of the idea of all the snacks that people chow down on while they watch the game. Spicy snacks, to be specific. So tomorrow night, for Pizza Friday (it's a thing in our house), I'm making buffalo chicken pizza. I've never made it before, and my hypothetical is to make a blue cheese sauce as the base, add some pizza cheese and spicy chicken, bake it all off, then top it with fresh shredded iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.
Sounds good, right?
I'll let you know how it goes.


mom said...

Cait, those pictures of Lilli are so damn cute!!!!

T said...

Love the pictures, especially the last one, creepy eyebomb and all because I can tell you have a big smile on your face too!