Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Things

Do you guys know Jones Soda? They make a lot of really tasty flavours of soda pop, and the labels are all different: people submit photographs, and if chosen their picture ends up on a label. I bring this up because my sister submitted a photograph of sweet Cosmo to be considered for a label, and the picture she submitted was voted a staff pick!

Last night it made it into the voting round, and I don't know how many votes it needs to win, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could please vote. It would be so cool to have my little Cosmo the (evil looking) Christmas Elf on a label.

Click here for the link.

And since we're talking about Cosmo, how about I give you an update on how our two kit-cats are doing since LB has been home for...five months.

As expected, they didn't care a crap about her when we brought her home from the hospital. When we walked in the door our first moments home and put her car seat on the ground, both cats rushed over to investigate. They cautiously sniffed her little foot, looked at Dan and me as if to say, "What's this?" and then she kicked her foot and they both ran away and never looked in her direction for another five months.

But even if they weren't interested in her, they sensed a change in our environment and it was hardest on Cosmo because he was used to cuddling up with me every night for nine years, and when LB was going through a very rough time with acid reflux we moved her crib into our room and next to my side of the bed so I could keep an eye on her while she upchucked in the night. That meant wee Cosmo wasn't allowed to sleep in our room because we didn't want to risk him jumping into the crib while were all asleep.

He was majorly affronted by this and ignored me for awhile.

But he's back to bedtime snuggles again, and I'm glad because it really bothered me that I had to stop doing this for awhile. Those night snuggles are his favourite part of the day.

Poppy seems to be ticking along, business as usual: don't get too close to me; I'll come to you when I need affection. Same ol', same ol'.

However, in the last couple of weeks LB has really taken notice of the cats AND SHE LOVES THEM. Poppy is her favourite, and whenever she sees her a huge gummy grin splits her face. She likes Cosmo too, but his colours aren't as dynamic and I suspect this is why she doesn't grin as broadly when she sees Cosmo. However, she loves Cosmo too because he lets her touch him! Hooray for soft animals! Poppy can telepathically pick up the fact that I'm carrying LB over to pet her, and she takes off like, "Hell no. Get that baby away from me." This, by the way, delights LB.

But a few weeks ago, Cosmo was sitting on the table and I was holding LB who was staring intently at him. I was giving his chin a tickle and he was purring and butting his head into my hand. LB got super-duper excited (arms flapping excited) and before I knew it she had reached out and grabbed his entire ear in her pudgy fingers. And then wrenched on it as she tried to bring his ear to her mouth. I quickly pried open her fingers and expected Cosmo to freak out, but he did nothing. He just stared at me with a pleading look in his green eyes that begged, "Please keep petting me."

So we did.

I don't know if it's ridiculous or not, but I've been trying to teach LB 'gentle' already. Everyday we spend some time stroking Cosmo's soft fur, and with each stroke I whisper 'gentle' in her ear.

Two nights ago we were on the couch and I was giving her her bedtime bottle when Cosi came up and lightly rubbed his face against her hand and shoulder. Her face nearly burst in excitement as her hand pawed the air frantically to reach him, and my heart nearly burst from love.

This morning she was just rolling over from her back to her tummy like, 'Yo, this is what I do now,' and Cosmo came up and sniffed her face, did a long slow blink, then sauntered to his water bowl.

I think that blink and sniff were to say, "You're here forever now, aren't you? That's okay. I've got my bedtimes snuggles back. Keep rolling little sister, I like you."

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Dad said...

Cossie got a "10" vote from me Cait! Go Cosmo...hope to see your pic on the Jones bottle soon. And who would have thought that little barn cat, the same one who would shred my skin with his claws in a heartbeat, would be so gentle with LB. He's a keeper.