Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Snow White

It was a great ten days here at Casa Dan and Caitie. Dan's mom was visiting from Canada, and so we had lots of Swiss company coming and going as she flew from town-to-town, from house-to-house, visiting her old pals and family, of course.

For our LB the past week was the best one ever because she loves people, and this meant there were lots of new faces for her to stare at and then to flash her (as Dan's mom calls it) million dollar smile before bashfully burying her face in my neck. Then peeking out again and smiling. Then burying her face. Then peeking and smiling. Then burying her face. Repeat times a million. Let me tell you, if you're ever stuck for party entertainment just throw me an invite and Dan and I will bring our LB to charm the crowds, because she does charm most people she meets. Except for cousins who just turned twenty and are apparently hung over. They don't care that much about her, but she's really interested in them. I guess no matter the age it's really funny watching someone try to hold it together.

Dan's mom also arrived just in time for Bern to be hit with a huge dump of snow. It snowed nearly every day of those past ten days and the outside world is now a downy white that invites you to fall and make snow angels. Dan and I were able to go out for dinner last Wednesday (Sushi! I am obsessed! Raw fish, I love and missed thee so!) and afterwards we were going to go to a beautiful lounge bar/restaurant for drinks but I was freezing and declared it too cold to walk there, so instead we went to a coffee shop to sip a hot bevy and people watch. So to clarify, I was absolutely chilled to the bone and I was wearing proper winter attire; was -2. I might be a major wimp now.

I don't think I'll ever be able to endure -15 again.

When we first moved to Kamloops, the average temperature that winter was about -9 to -11 but I was used to -20 and colder so I wore my spring jacket all winter long because 'gosh, it's SO WARM HERE.'

I was a freak.

So with all this beautiful snow we've received we were excited to go out to Dan's grandma's place on Sunday because she lives in a 'rural' area (rural...haha! Basically, she lives somewhere serviced by a post bus so people think she lives in a remote location) and we thought she'd have more snow than us. The photo opportunities would be endless! Well, she didn't have more snow than us, but the photo opportunities were still endless and we had a nice walk down to her place where a hot lunch was waiting for us.

Dan's mom was visiting with her, and for our lunch we had a traditional Bern meal of hot sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, ham, sausage, bacon, and applesauce. Yes, it's a lot of meat, but it's all small portions and extremely tasty.

Here's some photos from the day:

Pretty farm house next to grandma's

LB noticing the snow for the first time

Road to grandma's

Dan and his mom (and a little LB snug with dad)

Really grainy shot of the Alps, which you can see from grandma's

Awkward family photo!

Road to grandma's continued...

Lots of snow!

Evening sunset.
Finally, I'll leave you all with this little tale of how I changed my tune:
In my former life as a Canadian resident who was a strict TLC watcher, I've seen plenty of episodes of A Million Kids and Counting. Whenever a new baby girl would join the clan, it would take the Duggars about 0.3 seconds to slap a huge flower headband onto the newborn.
This caused me an enormous amount of pain because it looked ugly.
"I will never stick head decorations onto my bald baby! How atrocious! How ugly!" I once cried.
Um, oops. I changed my mind...

But it's not a flower!, yeah.
No going back now, I'm a hypocrite.
It's cute, okay! But I've realised something: it's only cute on your baby.

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T said...

Love the awkward family photo and the head decorations :)She sure is a cutie!

It has been a pretty mild winter so far and you'll get used to it fast enough if you move back to Kamloops ever again. (As much as I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures and telling people about my friends that live in's time to move back ok!)

Ok, now that my selfishness is out of the way, I'm glad you enjoyed your visitors!