Friday, 14 December 2012

Ew Gross!

Before I even knew what was happening, a soggy wet baby hand--that said baby had just finished sucking on like a paci--reached through the air, found my cheek, then in wet spitty slow motion slid down my cheek into my mouth muffling my cry of , "SICK."

Even weirder, I then pretended to nibble on those soggy fingers in an effort to get said baby to smile.

Because my entire existence now revolves around, "How can I make the baby smile! I want to see a smile! What can I do for a smile!"

But nibbling on slimy spit fingers was a new low, and I've been known to do the most outlandish and exaggerated dance to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' all in the quest for a smile.

Ew. Gross.


CherylfromSaskatchewan said...

Just wait, Caitie!!
Gross is when they take a big bite of an Oreo cookie, decide they don't like it and spit it into your hand. Because you have nowhere to put that mess, you eat it.
Just sayin'

PS that babe of yours is adorable!

mom said...

Oh my gosh Cait - we laughed. My how things change :-))