Monday, 12 November 2012

We Interrupt This Silence To Bring You Jibber Jabber

Yo, Internet. It's been all quiet on the blogging front, wouldn't you agree? Well our Canada visitors have all gone home, and after six weeks I'm an empty nester...sort of, if you don't count this cute little baby that is currently lying under her activity gym cooing with delight over the wooden horse and bell mobile that dangles above her.

Here's that baby now:

Just chillin' in my kinderwagen.
No biggie.
Was I upset to have everyone leave? Duh, of course I was. My parents were the last to leave, and that was the hardest goodbye because they did all my housework for me. Um, of course it was hard to say goodbye for other reasons but as I stare out of my perfectly clean windows (as washed by my dad) and bake in my sparkling clean oven (as scrubbed by my mom) and eat off of dishes that I never had to wash for three weeks, and watch my baby kick on a carpet I didn't have to vacuum during this time, I can't seem to remember what the other difficult reasons are?
I kid! I kid!
I also miss them because they bought me coffee and sandwiches.
I kid! I kid!
I miss them because they are rockin' grandparents, as I've discovered. No literally: they rocked our LB to sleep most nights; my dad is a baby whisperer.
So it was a busy six weeks and we had lots of quality time with my family and come December Dan's mom will be here to visit and we are looking forward to that. Especially Dan, as he has plans to get his mom to recreate all of his favourite Swiss childhood meals.
But now we are empty nesters, Dan is back at work after having taken most of last week off, and it's just LB and I today with our crazy kitty loves, Cosmo and Poppy. LB has just started to notice the cats, and to be fair I mean Cosmo. Poppy is too sedentary for anyone to notice her, most days. But Cosmo is in a racing mood, and as he runs around LB's eyes get huge as she tries to figure out what happened to that grey fur ball that was just in front of her.
In other news, I was putting away groceries and cleaning the kitchen this morning (Mom!! I miss you!! Come back!!) and LB was in her bouncy chair, watching. She got a bit bored, so I discovered the secret to making her smile and keeping her entertained: putting on the song 'Gangnam Style' and doing the dance in the kitchen while she watches me with a huge gummy grin on her face. That song is four minutes long and I danced to it twice.
I was sweating.
You don't know 'Gangnam Style'? Well, let me introduce you to our new favourite way to spend four minutes.

And the last thing on today's agenda: I'm making my first batch of Christmas cookies.
Too soon?

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Dad said...

Gangnam Style, 6pack abs workout, whatever gets you movin' Cait! Good for you and it won't be long before LB is joining in. Miss you.