Monday, 29 October 2012

Still Here!

I'm still around, but busy enjoying lots of Canadian company. My sisters were here for three weeks and now my parents are here for three. It's been great!

The wee babe is growing like a June flower and is changing so much, so quickly. She is finding her voice, her neck strength is crazy, she LOVES bathes (she soaked Dan's shirt last night with all the kicking she did) and our paediatrician has told us he's impressed with how strong and happy she is. The man deals with kids all day every day, so I took those words to heart and felt pleased with our girl. I don't care if he tells all parents this, it's just nice to have someone say something sweet about your baby.

LB has been showered with lots of love and cuddles and presents these past few weeks, and I think that once all the company is gone I'm going to have a baby on my hands who is used to never touching the ground. But since winter is coming, I don't mind lots of cuddles on the couch.


I will be back soon with more stories.

Including the one where my sisters (yes girls, I blame you!) got me inebriated to the point where we thought a cat was a fox.

It ends badly.


Ais said...

Hey now.....that rustling in the bushes could've been anything!

T said...

hahaha, glad you're enjoying your visits!