Friday, 28 September 2012


Today I was only capable of doing two things, and one of those was not write the original blog post I had intended. But I couldn't leave you hanging after promising to blog! So here's a little story to take you into the weekend.

Today I truly became a mom. Forget the whole birth and breast feeding dealio, this is what has cemented my status as mom: today, while on a walk, I picked a spider out of my baby's stroller...with my bare hands! For real! I didn't even think twice!

It's getting real, guys.

It's getting real.


Dad said...

Wow.....becoming a mom cures arachnophobia! You've come a long way Cait. Remember when you and Dan were out for a walk and you sat in the spider's nest by that bench? No scaring you now.

CherylfromSaskatchewan said...

I truly felt like a "Mom" the first time my kid spit out a bite of a cookie that he did not like into my hand, and I ate it.

You are now definitely part of the Mom Club, Caitie!