Friday, 14 September 2012

Little Baby's Schlafzimmer

It was really important to me that Dan and I make a nice space for our baby, even though I got some opinionated comments from the CH crowd that basically can be boiled down to: "Why bother? It's a baby." Dan also heard from friends over here that the baby shouldn't be in its own room right away, and rather should be in our room and hence no need to immediately carve out her own space.

I guess, based on all the opinions that circulated, decorating a room for baby is a North American thing? Whatever. We were making a room for our Little Baby, and to hell with the cultural differences of opinion!

As you may recall, we started planning LB's room before we knew that she would be a she. I just couldn't wait! I have a credit card that was growing dusty from lack of use, and I needed to put that magic card to use by starting to get ready for our baby. And as we were out and about one spring day, we went into a baby store and found a little green baby blanket that had a plush fox head with a red and white polka-dot patch owl sewed onto the blanket.

Inspiration! This blanket perfectly solidified a theme I'd been toying with.

Here's the pictures of it. Remember?

Foxes seemed like a great theme to me, as I don't associate them with being crafty or sneaky; I just think they're beautiful animals. And the colour scheme of red and green seemed awesome.

As the room progressed my thematic idea of sprinkling foxy touches here and there sort of fell by the wayside, and instead the room became its own being. It just decided it didn't want me driving with a map, and it was time to go off the road: to let things fall together organically without forcing a fox here and there. As I stepped back, what I realized was emerging was actually just a general colour scheme of green with red and white polka dots.

So I just went with that, which was really easy since all the stores this year embraced the Swiss dots with enthusiasm. They were everywhere! Dan had to push my pregnant belly out of stores on more than one occasion as I eyed outrageous goods.

"But Dan, IT MATCHES."

That was my only argument about why I wanted to buy a nightlight that was over a hundred francs and was in the shape of a red capped mushroom.  I suppose it's a good thing he comes with me from time to time...I guess...grumblegrumble.

I also wanted to put very personal touches into Little Baby's room, so I painted eight pictures for her and that was a lot of fun. I also wanted to paint a picture of Mary Poppins flying over the roof tops, but my energy sputtered and stalled near the end and that didn't happen. I think it will be a winter project. I might also do Mary's The Secret Garden, and of course Pippi Longstocking.

(In the evenings Dan and I have been reading a chapter of Pippi to our girl, and it's such a funny story; I can't believe I forgot how good it was.)

Anyhow, without further ado here's her room!
When you first walk into her room, this is the general view.
Baby crib!
Don't worry safety police, at this point the duvet is decorative only.
It's not in her crib when she sleeps.
The duvet in the crib is for one year olds and older. We didn't need to buy it at this point, but while at IKEA I found this polka-dot duvet cover for a twin bed and just had to get it for her room. What we did was cut down the twin cover to fit the baby duvet, and we used the pillow case to cover one of the throw cushions on the couch.
I am really proud of these paintings. I spent a lot of time figuring out what animals I'd paint, then more time figuring out what they'd look like. In the end I decided on a more cartoon approach, because my attempts to draw 'real' foxes and owls looked like crap. True story. I am really proud of these, and surprised myself by actually being able to get something out of my head and onto the canvas.
Her initials match the dresser, as you'll see below.
The couch corner
The couch isn't supposed to be in her room, and it will eventually be removed. For now it's okay, but this will eventually be her play corner with a child's table and all that fun stuff.
The ABC painting is one I also did, and one I'm also really proud of even though it doesn't technically match the room. Though I did not think of this design on my own; I found an embroidery pattern online, but I don't know how to embroider so I decided to paint the letters instead.
Comfy cushions!
I got the deer pillow off Etsy. Seriously people, you can find anything you need there.
We're using our old bookshelf for storage, and I was originally really against this because I just wanted it out of the room in favour of using another piece of furniture for storage. Dan fought to keep it in, and I admit it does work really well. Also, I have kept some of my children's books in the shelves to read to her. You can also spy painting number eight in there: it's an inverse of the deer cushion.
Sigg bottle: one of the "But Dan, IT MATCHES" arguments that I won.
Piggy banks for more books, very important.
Some of her first toys, and her first sippy cup.
The little wooden man and woman are the toppers from our wedding cake.
I painted those, too.
View from the couch.
Note the mirror...
I already owned this mirror, so I just sanded it down and painted it.  
The dresser in use as the change table, and one last shot of the room.
The dresser is working really well as a change table. I have her diapers in the drawer under the change pad, and the drawer on the left has miscellaneous things like her little socks, pacifiers, and thermometer.  The other drawers obviously have clothes, as well as winter gear. I also put up a little collage of colourful photos that I've taken, so she has something to stare at while we change her.
And finally, the best part of any baby room is the baby.
Here's our beautiful Little Baby.
DSC_0560DSC_0562 DSC_0564DSC_0566
It's a great space, and I'm glad we did it!


mom said...

Cait, the room is lovely. It looks so different from last year when we were there :-) BUT the best thing is the room is Lillie!

Dad said...

What a great room for Lillie (and you!) Awesome job you guys....I'll say it again....that is one lucky little girl.

T said...

Wow Caitie! You guys did such an awesome job, it is beautiful. I love your paintings and all of the personal touches :) I had no idea you were so artistic!

Ais said...

Great job you guys! So cute but not cutesy. And I really like your paintings that you did