Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's Fall!

First of all THANK-YOU lovely people who commented on my 'Got Milk' post. It is nice to have support when you have no clue what you're doing. I was really, really annoyed that even though my baby girl is only drinking breast milk, I was getting scrunched-nose comments that she was drinking it from a bottle. So thank-you for the support.

I'm learning that in this great big world parenting is one giant ball of different philosophies, and my philosophy (thus far) is if my baby is happy, gaining weight, alert, and sleeping well, I'm doing something right so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing even if it doesn't jive with other people's philosophies.

And how.

In other news, I have more to talk about but I can only do two things in a day and one of those things is always 'look after baby'. This means my days break down to: grocery shop and look after baby; clean house and look after baby; go to Bern and look after baby; coffee with friends and look after baby; work and look after baby; blog and look after baby; pick nose and look after baby.

Still paying attention?

So even though I'm only capable of two things in one day, I am slightly pushing my limits here because today I will have done three! things! And if you count this trivial entry, that's four! things! And what I'm doing right now is making cinnamon-pumpkin pull apart bread. Oh yes, this is happening.

So while I wait for my yeast to proof, I thought I'd throw up a few pictures that I took this morning as I took our baby girl on a walk through farm country.

But first:
I love walks!
My stroller is the best!
Okay, the scenes from our walk:
So dramatic!
A Bernese Mountain Dog lives at the end of this road.
It's never followed me once :-(
Damn these obedient Swiss dogs. If it follows me home, I get to keep it.
Um, yeah. That's it. Two pictures. Did I get your hopes up for more?
Sorry about that, but remember: two things a day.
I have one more post to put up before Friday is over and out, so stay tuned! Though, don't get your hopes up. I'm not throwing a party, or a giveaway, or even talking about something that interesting. STAY EXCITED.
But for now my pumpkin bread calls to me.


mom said...

WHAT no more pictures of Lillie????How did the bread turn out :-)

T said...

Pumpkin bread...that sounds good!