Monday, 10 September 2012

Disney Taught Me Something

When I was in the hospital I brushed my hair with a fork.

Yep, that happened.


The reason I did so was because I packed a really horrible brush that couldn't comb through the knots, and it never occurred to me to ask Dan to bring my good brush. So one morning as I was struggling to remove a rat's nest from my hastily washed mane, I looked over at my breakfast tray and spied the fork. Then I had a mental image of the Little Mermaid sitting at the dinner table with Prince Eric, happily combing her hair with her dinner fork.

It worked brilliantly.

I tell you this because I'm just in the middle of making dinner (salmon, leeks, wild rice, if you want to know) and as I grabbed the cutlery I thought, "Oh forks, you're so useful."

They really are. 


T said...

hahahaha, I remember trying that after watching Little Mermaid!

Caitie said...

Haha! I don't think I tried it as a kid, but man Ariel knew what she was doing. My hair was snaggle free!