Sunday, 5 August 2012

Week 34

My body is starting to go on strike. Slowly but surely the weight and pressure of this Little Baby is making my insides be all, "What?? This isn't cool. Dude, I will just stop working properly until you figure this deal out."  My bladder is a bit pissed (hehe) at how aggressively Little Baby seems to be using it as a sparing bag, and I didn't know the bladder could actually hurt but it does. IT DOES. Also, some sort of weird signal to the brain must be demanding that every sip of water I take gets stored in my fingers because I am retaining my hands. WHAT.

However, the loudest striker in this union of physiology is my sciatic nerve. I wasn't kidding when I said it was busted. I can hardly walk at this point, and none of my stretches are doing anything to relieve the pressure. I'm at a loss. There's still so much I have to get done, and it's a bit of a bitch to contemplate my To-Do list when I have to whittle it down to "what task can I complete that is closest to my bus stop?"  I still need to go to IKEA for one last thing! I'm totally effed!

Dan gives me a massage every night to try and unpinch the nerve, but I think I undo all his work when I sleep at night: every time I try to flip from left to right, I can hear things popping in my lower back.

I hope that LB gets here sooner than later :-s

Meh, there's worse problems to have.

Dan and I split our household chores pretty evenly, and this Thursday I was hobbled over the vacuum trying to suck up Poppy's twin sister that she's shed all over the carpet (NEVER GET A BLACK CARPET WHEN YOU HAVE A PERMA-SHEDDING WHITE CAT) and I just lost it. I totally and completely lost my cool.

I banged the vacuum head onto the floor, ripped the cord out of the wall, and basically kick-pulled the vacuum down the hall and back into the storage cupboard before collapsing into some weird sciatic-fetal position on the bed, raging over the pointlessness of housework. Then I texted Dan.


Oh Dan, he's lucky to have such a special lady in his life.

Well Internet, I should have quit doing my half of the chores years ago. That night Dan came home from work and he was a flurry of domestic activity; the boy got stuff done in record breaking time. It was unbelievable. He also announced that he's taking over the grocery shopping for me as well. There are perks to being a pregnant crippled woman! Who knew?!

And in other news from this week, I have now definitely been feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. In fact, yesterday I was having loads of them! I still have to make it three more weeks before LB is safely cooked, but I really do hope that the fact I'm starting to have more of these--that I can actually feel--are good signs that everything is readying itself! 

I finally cracked a pregnancy book and have skipped to the end to get some insight into delivery.  It's said that in the last few weeks before labour, a few signs might be that weight gain stops, the BH contractions pick up, and...some other gross stuff happens I haven't experienced yet.  Well, at my last appointment I hadn't gained anything, the BH contractions are picking up, but none of the other slightly gross sounding stuff has happened yet. I'm hoping the gross stuff holds off for three weeks, and then GAME. ON.

I'm ready to meet our Little Baby!

(Once I actually have managed to get my To-Do list complete. NOT BEFORE.) 

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