Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I am a little bit tired and couldn't think of a more original title for a post that is, well, an update.

Our Little Baby has been home from the hospital for six days now, and we have gone back to the hospital three times so they can continue to monitor her jaundice as well as her weight. Because she was born four days sooner than the safe '37 week' mark, she was still considered premature though obviously not a risky premature like a baby born way earlier. But she's still having a harder time shaking the jaundice and bulking up. I keep whispering in her ear that we need to fatten her up like a Christmas turkey, and whenever I do whisper this I get a little smile.

A gas reflex smile, but still.

They look something like this.

Oh hello, I'm adorable.
The nurses in the hospital told me that they call these little smiles Engel Lachen. Angel laughs. It even sounds good in German which means you just know it's a good thing.
And she is a good thing. A great thing. The best thing. Dan and I have remarked to each other, friends, and family, that we feel like we won life's lottery. I mean, just look at that face. Obviously we did, don't you think? Of course we're tired, but that goes without saying. After spending copious hours staring at our Little Baby, then making sure we give Pops and Cos the cuddles they need, then remembering to feed and bath ourselves, it's already evening and we collapse into bed ready--but not really--to rise in three hours to feed Lill.
She's on a tight feeding schedule until her weight is back up and her jaundice is back to normal, and it takes both of us to get her ready and fed before she slips back asleep before she's had enough to eat.
I'll have more to say, including my labour post (aren't you so excited about that!), her name, pictures of her room, and my thoughts on how much I will actually talk about her on my blog. As a hint, I'm reluctant to. Even though she's a baby, she deserves privacy to be a baby and I don't want to exploit that.
But more to come in due time.


T said...

ahhh, she is so sweet! I love that they call them Angel Laughs! How are Poppy and Cosmo reacting to their new little human? I respect you not wanting to post too much about Lillian on here, but you should know that I want e-mails now and then! I can't wait to meet her when you come home! I'm so happy for you two :)

mom said...

She is a cutie :-)