Friday, 6 July 2012

Week 30

It has been a dreary and rainy week, which means I have not been to the Badi at all. The bonus to this weather is that my wedding rings fit again because it isn't so hot out. Hooray.

And that's all the news I have this week.

Okay, fine, I'll scrounge up some more details.

Sleeping has become a real b*tch, and my hips and lower back hurt like a mofo every morning. Luckily I have a serious gem, otherwise known as Dan, who gives me massages because I have no idea how else I'd cope. The yoga stretches aren't even helping and the doctor told me today, "Yes, this is what happens now. I'm so sorry."

What else?

Well, this week Dan is officially realising: "Holy cow. Baby coming. Can't comprehend. Lives will change. We aren't ready. Need more stuff. Quickly, to the shops TO BUY EVERYTHING."  This is basically how I felt way back in January when I first found out we were having a baby; have I mentioned that one of us in this relationship is a lot more chill than the other?

He is definitely in 'get-ready-for-Little-Baby' mode, and I've never seen him this way before: he actually wants to go shopping. We are going to IKEA on a Saturday and he's all for it. Who knew the secret to getting Dan to want to go shopping was to introduce a human being into the world? Must remember this for future shopping emergencies.

And in other Dan-ish (not Danish, but Dan-ish) news we attended a soccer match on Wednesday with tickets that were handed out through his work. The deal with Dan's work is he is expected to attend quite a number of community events every month, but I hardly ever get to go because spouses are rarely invited and it's so maddening! So when he can finagle me an invite to an event, he always comes through, and this Wednesday was VIP tickets to watch a soccer match.

VIP, you ask?

Oh, not a big deal. Just got to hang out in a little lounge and consume an entire bowl of bacon puffs, then have someone fill the bowl up when it was empty. Of course, let's not forget the free mineral water to wash it all down with. Try not to be jealous. I'm living it up, I know. But now that I've lived as a VIP (covered in bacon puff crumbs) for at least three hours, I don't know how I'll ever come back down to earth; nor how I'll prevent Little Baby from growing up with a 'big fish, little pond' mentality. It will be a struggle, for sure. LB will need to learn that in this world sometimes we don't have easy access to bacon puffs; even worse, when the bowl is empty there isn't usually someone who will fill it up again for you.

Ugh! Common lives are so...common. This must be what it feels like to be Julia Roberts.

Baby on board!

I bought this top online at The Hudson's Bay Company because it's so Canadian! I sort of forgot it won't fit for awhile.

I also bought LB a teddy that is wearing a matching sweater.

Hello, I'm Henry Kesler

Here's Henry Kesler, jauntily hanging out all ready to assume the role of best friend. The reason I already felt the need to get LB a teddy is because Dan sort of thought that my childhood teddy, Roosevelt, would get passed onto LB.


For serious?

I think not. It's bad enough I have to share Roosevelt with Cosmo, and yes that's the truth. Every night Cosmo must snuggle for at least ten minutes with R-Bear, otherwise he's really a huge pain in the ass and won't go to sleep. I think we might have made some mistakes, raising that cat.
z Z

But if we know where we went wrong with the cat, that's totally applicable to kids right?

And that's the news for Week 30.


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Ais said...

You look great :) I love your new sweatshirt and the teddy!!