Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 29

I have now spent about forty-five minutes of my life figuring out how to share my Instagram photos, since a patch I downloaded this morning won't allow me to share them as I normally do. I hate being technologically stunted because as I tried to figure out how to share the pictures I was cursing and muttering and hexing all companies and their stupid 'patch' fixes. 


Here, let's look at something cute in order to calm down.

Oh that is sweet.

Just to make sure my blood-pressure is going back to normal, let's quickly look at another cute picture.

Oh man, so sweet.

Okay, maybe I'm feeling better now. Let's talk about Week 29.

I have been swimming five times since my last blog post, and let me tell you it has been great. I go in the afternoons when the sun is at optimal 'found-that-hole-in-the-ozone-layer' heat; I set up my lawn chair, apply sunscreen, then I head straight to the water to start swimming a few laps. My cardio-vascular system has been majorly protesting though. On Monday I set a time-goal for myself and off I set, but pretty soon my heart and lungs were all, "What the hell are you doing?! Haven't we made it perfectly clear that right now we can't even climb more than two flights of stairs? Slow down right this minute!"

I don't though.

It feels so great to just cut through that water with the sun beating down on me. It took me two trips to the pool to refigure out my center-of-gravity for laps (so that my body isn't dragging through the water) as Little Baby has thrown that off balance, but I've got it figured out and I am loving being back in the water. I'm not the fastest person in the pool at the moment (not that I was ever the fastest, but Internet I'm a good swimmer and hot damn I usually am one of the fastest lap swimmers when I'm at the top of my game), but I'm so loving having access to this pool.
After I've paddled my way up and down I go to my lawn chair where I let the heat dry me off, then maybe I'll hop in for another two hundred meters or pack up and head home. I have been really, really lucky to be able to do this and I appreciate every minute of it.

Yep, here I am.

This week my finger offcially tried to eat my wedding rings. I woke up on Saturday morning and couldn't even bend my ring-finger because it was so tight and swollen; I got the rings off with lots of soap, but now I'm probably going to be a ringless bride all summer long and old people (who totally do this!) will look at my stomach, then my left hand, then *tisk, tisk* in disappointment.

 Hmm...what else is interesting this week?

I started doing the paintings for Little Baby's room and I am very happy with how they're turning out. I can draw okay, but I've never painted on a canvas before and it is really fun! In fact, I'm enjoying this so much that I have even sketched some ideas for characters from my favourite children's books and might paint those as well. It's just plain fun, and I'll show the finished pictures when they're all up and hung.


I know what else happened this week! A friend had her baby on Sunday, so on Monday I went up to the hospital to see her and holy cow but newborn babies are really, really, really, little. Absolutely adorable, but intimidatingly wee.

I also got the most glorious care package from my mom and dad that was filled with jammies for Little Baby. I am so lucky to have parents that are so caring and who are so excited to become grandparents.

I only hope that I do half as good a job as they've done.


Dad said...

Thanks Cait. If your kids are half as good as you girls were you will be lucky as well. We are blessed.

mom said...

I agree with Dad :-)

T said...

Haha, this blog is just full of cuteness today! You look radiant as ever Caitie. Love the touch of Canada Day spirit as well:P

Caitie said...

Thanks T! Isn't she the sweetest little napper?! She really loves when he wears those old t-shirts of his, with a particular fondness for the "I am Canadian" one, because who doesn't want to hug a Canadian? We're sort of the best.