Monday, 2 July 2012

I'm So Confused!

Dan and I are looking at crib mattresses this week, with plans to pick up our crib and mattress this weekend. However, as with ALL things baby there is a ton of 'be very afraid' marketing to wade through.

When I read mattress reviews everyone yells that if you aren't buying something that's cotton-wool-no-fire-retardant-organic than you are basically about to kill your baby because it's going to breathe in deadly toxins and its little lungs will be ruined.

At this point everyone seems to believe that unless the product you're buying has an organic label on it, you're failing. Hard. Yet have you seen the price of organic crib mattresses? It's not going to happen people, and I assure you that we very much love and want the best for Little Baby.

I am seriously considering the top-end IKEA crib mattress, and want to know if anyone can leave their general thoughts on what's important to look for in a mattress so I can apply that to the products we have available over here. I know the mattress is supposed to be quite firm, that you can choose between either foam or innerspring, and that one shouldn't buy a used mattress (duh), but that's the basic 'non-scary' information I've been able to discern.

Is it true you are supposed to let a mattress air-out for weeks so it can 'de-gas' then you're supposed to wrap it in something protective to prevent other gases from leaking out? I mean WHAT?


*UPDATE: Thanks Nan for the information email!

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