Friday, 20 July 2012

He's The Best

So I think by now you guys have all probably figured out that I think Dan is one of the funniest people I know. Sometimes I'm laughing "haha" with him, and a lot of the time I'm laughing "haha" at him. This is mutual by the way; sometimes he will just start laughing out of nowhere and when I ask what's up he'll be all, "Remember that time you rollerbladed through a hedge? HAHA."

So in the last couple of days Dan has started becoming interested in reading some online journals about men's experiences as first time fathers. I've stumbled across a couple of the web pages that he's left open and I think it's quite sweet, so yesterday over lunch we were playing a round of crib (which I won, natch) and I told him I thought it was awesome that he was looking up this stuff and to let me know what he found interesting and what he found to be BS (because there's a lot of that).

"Yeah," Dan replied casually as he poked through his cards, "I want to know some stuff before [LB] gets here."

"What sort of stuff? Like how to change a diaper?"

"Well that, but also when you put the baby on the floor do you just leave it there but then rotate it every once in awhile?"

"Rotate it every once in awhile? Like a wheel? HAHAHA," and as I laughed he kept talking and poking through his cards.

"And also, what if we're on a walk and the baby poops? I've never seen anyone change a baby on the side of the road. I mean, what if we get to Gasal and the baby poops? What do we do? I need to know this stuff."

What if we get to Gasal and the baby poops?


It's a good thing we find each other so amusing because I don't think anyone else does.

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