Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought a dresser with the intent to give it a bit of a makeover. I think makeover is maybe a bit of an understatement; if we're using Hollywood terminology this dresser underwent cosmetic surgery: facelift, tummy tuck, laser peels, microdermabrasion, botox, and a new nose thrown in not because the dresser was vain, but because it had "a deviated septum".  Right.

Side note: does anyone remember that terrible show about extreme plastic surgery where producers would find these tragic people with sad stories, put them into bootcamp to loose weight, then set a couple of plastic surgeons on them to remold their features as though these individuals were lumps of clay rather than human beings? And then this person with fake teeth, hair, boobs, pectorals, nose, face, etc..would return home after being gone for something like three months where they'd emerge from their limo and wander into the town pizza parlour of Nowhere, U.S.A. where the reunion was scheduled; then all the tragic people from their ugly-duckling lives would gasp and scream in amazement at this 'new person'?

Here's what I want to know: what's happened to these people now that the noses, cheeks, boobs, etc.. are starting to sag? They can't afford the maintenance. What's happened to them, and do they still have ugly duckling lives even though t.v. tried to scrub that everyday grease off their faces?

I remember being really disgusted with that show, if you can't tell.

Anyhow, if our dresser was a contestant on that show it would be scheduled to be making its return "ta-da!" visit to the second-hand furniture shop where I found it, because it's done. It's a whole new dresser and all it's emotional and psychological problems and insecurities won't plague it anymore because now it's beautiful! We've solved all its problems!

It was actually quite satisfying to do this project and I give Dan a lot of the credit as I wasn't able to help with stripping off the varnish (the stripper was toxic...think on that for a second then laugh), and sanding the dresser down was hard because I'm weak and lame and got a super bad belly cramp after trying. I was able to help with the painting though. From start to finish, working on weekends and painting in the evenings, we finished this project in two weeks.

Here's the pictures:

Tragic, but the bone structure is there...after we break it and reshape it.

These age spots need to be blasted.

Droopy (love)handles that need to be removed.

A gap-toothed smile that reveals...cats?

(Also, it smelled like mothballs.)


First, a little bath is needed.
Varnish is getting scrapped off...

There was a lot of it.

Once the varnish was off it was time to sand and sand and sand some more.

He was quite good natured about the whole thing.

Stripped of handles and varnish, sanded, and ready to be painted.

First up was the primer.

Followed by three coats of paint.

It's a pretty light green if you can't tell.

Lastly, filling in the holes where a knob wouldn't go.
(We probably should have done this before priming and painting, but the knob decision wasn't made until the whole she-bang was painted).


I'm attractive now!

And I've got great knobs...

(Think on that and then be disappointed at how immature I am)

That's it! This was a really fun project, but don't let anyone trick you into believing that buying something secondhand and making it your own is always the cost-effective way to go. No, no, no. In the end, with materials and everything included (we had nothing) it would have been cheaper to get something at IKEA, but it wouldn't have been as fun.

This will be the dresser in Little Baby's room and will also serve as the change table. It's sitting in our living room until we get the office furniture cleared out, and after we'd first finished it Dan and would just sit on our couch in the evenings and stare proudly at our accomplishment.

It might seem like small beans to some, but we are really proud of what we did here.


mom said...

Dan did an excellent job Cait. It is really nice and I love the knobs.

CherylfromSaskatchewan said...

Beautiful job! Love the knobs.

We repurpased an old dresser into a baby dresser/change table too......and yes, cost more than a new one would have, but I would not have traded the fun we had for anything! And, now it waits in the basement to be sent to the first grandbaby.

You and Dan have lots of good times ahead of you!

T said...

Love it! Those really are some great knobs :P

Well done, I've always thought that giving old furniture a new look would be fun, but haven't gotten around to trying it out yet.

Dad said...

Wow! I am impressed. Great job you two. Lucky LB.

Anonymous said...

so cute, guys!

Jess A

Anonymous said...

Looks great! You did a fabulous job!! And I laughed my way through this whole post!! You have such a great way of writing Caitie! I am really looking forward to the posts when LB comes!!
We also used a dresser as a change table and it worked out great.