Thursday, 21 June 2012

Week 28

Well it's getting to be that time of the year again when I wonder what Switzerland has against air conditioning. Seriously, I need to know. Bern is so freaking humid that being in these buildings that are not cooled down is excruciatingly uncomfortable. I was in the Loeb on Saturday and it was so hot in that store I had to leave because I was seriously going to be sick and/or pass out.

The humidity around here is definitely not something I'm used to. I spent my entire childhood and early adolescence living in northern British Columbia, where the definition of summer was: "Oh look, the ice is off the lake. Time to go swimming." 

(Slight exaggeration.)

Then I moved to Kamloops--a desert--where the dry heat is uncomfortable, until you sit your ass down in an air conditioned building and suck back a Booster Juice (Oh Booster Juice! Booster Juice! How I miss thee!). Then I moved here where for the first time in my life I experienced humidity (which is gross and sweaty and my hands feel weird all summer long) but there's no reprieve in that I can't escape into an air conditioned environment. It's madness! MADNESS.


Earlier this week I was at the doctor's getting some sort of shot that is going to keep my body from developing antibodies against future pregnancies. Does anyone else remember learning about this in biology? Oddly, I totally remembered it when my doctor started explaining why she had to give me this injection. The gist of it is I have an Rh negative blood type, but 85% of the population have an Rh positive blood-type. If Little Baby is an Rh positive blood type (which is quite likely, especially if Dan is) then my body will start producing antibodies against Little Baby's blood, and this leads to big problems should we want more children: my body will think future fetuses are bad for it and will attack the fetus and this causes miscarriages. So, I get this shot now and I get another one after giving birth and then everything is hunky-dory for the future.

That is your biology lesson for the day.

So I'm sitting in the chair waiting for the injection, and the nurse is trying to find one of my veins to take blood from. She looks really disconcerted, like maybe not being able to locate my vein is her fault. I reassure her that no one can ever find my veins, it's always a huge problem, and then I point her to the area on my right arm that seems to be the only good place to get blood from.

She looks slightly relieved that this failing to locate a vessel isn't her fault.

"It is always so difficult?"

"Oh yes, back in Canada I had one nurse snap at me and tell me not to bother coming in to get my blood drawn again until I drank lots and lots of water because she was sick of dealing with my puny little veins."

[Swiss nurse smiled, but clearly didn't understand most of what I'd said.]

"It is hard when you have such delicate veins."

Internet, I have no idea why but I really liked my veins being described as 'delicate'. For a minute I felt so Victorian: "Oh do be gentle with her, her veins are delicate."

"She's prone to exhaustion because her veins are delicate."

"The poor dear has delicate veins, she mustn't be out in the sun."

I think the reason I quite liked the word 'delicate' is because at the moment I absolutely DO NOT feel delicate. No way, no how.

Nothing fragile about me.

It was also a particularly ironic word choice because at that moment I was a sweaty ball of gross as the office was unbelievably stuffy and humid (no A/C!), I was perspiring as only the non-Victorian know how to do, and the huge elastic band on my maternity skirt--that wraps up and over my stomach--was saturated in sweat.


But I'm a lady with delicate veins.

Eh, I'll take it.


In terms of how I'm feeling this week it can be summed up in one word: hungry.

I wake up with same gnawing hunger that I used to wake-up with way back in months two and three. Those were the months that caused Dan to speculate that if I was really hungry and a bear tried to eat my food, I could probably kill it with my bare hands. I don't think he was wrong. Now I seem to be experiencing the same thing again.

Now comes the obligatory disclaimer for the people who don't have common sense: Obviously I eat enough food; I'm not starving my body or eating less than I'm supposed to.

So my question is, is this a thing? Getting really hungry again in the last trimester? Because that's right peeps: I am rolling into third trimester territory. Time is going fast, but it will soon slow down at the end of this month when you will find me--for July and August--kicking back and sipping homemade iced tea while cooling my delicate veins in the chill waters of our local outdoor pool.

I can hardly wait! 


Dad said...

Oh Cait, at least you have that great pool complex in Kunitz to hang out at. Much better than A/C (well, maybe). You look great kiddo.

mom said...

I think maybe you are hungry cause LB is having a growing spurt :-) You look great Cait. Ah, Kunitz pool - how lucky you are.

CherylfromSaskatchewan said...

aww...I have "delicate" veins too.

You look fabulous!

I ate like crazy in the third trimester of both pregnancies, and that is when I had the really hard-to-ignore cravings, too. With babe #1 it was apples. I would have one in each hand. With babe #2 it was popcorn. Was just air-popped, with a teeny tiny bit of melted butter, but I think I had it every single day of the third trimester.

Enjoy that pool!