Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tied Up

I have a confession to make...

I have a very impractical, often times expensive, accessory addiction. Specifically, I have an out-of-control collection of scarves.

Don't mind the ghetto mattress...it's laundry day!

The above is only a very small sampling of the scarves I own; I have over thirty and on my "purge my life of junk" nesting spree from last week, I gave away five.


Seriously, I lay those five scarves on the bed and sort of had a "it's not you, it's me" conversation with them. I was breaking up with five of my scarves! But I didn't know if this was going to be the sort of break-up that was being made only because of pre-natal 'clean all the things' hormones, or if we were actually done and over and I'd just been holding on because these scarves were with me from the beginning.

And by 'beginning' I mean back when I had no taste and bought things that had glitter threads running throughout them.

Do I hang on just to remember that more innocent, tacky, version of myself?

I'm still not sure I made the right decision.

Le sigh.

The very first scarf I ever bought was a beautiful pink number that I picked up in Venice. When I got home I wore it everywhere and received a ton of compliments on it. Unfortunately, that scarf is really falling apart now but that is one I will never break up with.


I recently realized that this addiction is major out-of-hand because there is only one store that I presently like for scarves, but they cost about 70 to 100 big ones and I have no problem justifying the occasional purchase of one.

However, there are times when even I'm on the fence, maybe needing an extra little nudge, so I simply remember this video and think, "Yes, this will be a perfect scarf for a waterfall!" Or, "'I think this will be just right to make the X knot." Then I buy it and skip home and stash it with all the rest of them so a certain husband (who just doesn't get it) can't ask me, "Did you really need another one?"

Talk about being a buzz kill.

Also, I really like her grey and white scarf.



Habebi said...

I LOVE SCARVES!! I don't have nearly that many, and I definitely need more. They are the perfect accessory! I'm sorry you had to part with some, though I'm sure that'll be good in the long run. You wouldn't want to become like Jon, who has tshirts from the 8th grade he's still clinging onto. :-)

mom said...

I was just looking at my scarves this morning and thinking "hmmm, if Cait wants to get me one (or two) for my birthday or Christmas that would be superb :-)

Ais said...

Ahem! I do believe that I am coming to visit you in a few months.....those scarves could always be passed on to me.....