Monday, 25 June 2012

This Post Contains Pictures!

So there are a few restrictions that get placed on your lifestyle when you start growing a baby. For example, I was extremely disappointed to learn that pregnant women are not allowed to eat shark. Man! That totally sucks! Now what am I supposed to snack on while Dan and I watch movies? I loved gnawing on a good shark fin while watching Love Actually.

But seriously, what I miss most about not being pregnant (apart from wine, champagne, salami, and obviously shark fins), is the Alpine hiking. I didn't realize how much Dan and I hiked until this hiking season opened up and I have had to face the fact that I do not have the cardio endurance to be up traversing those trails; normally, we probably averaged a good hike every other weekend but this year it is exhausting for me to even climb stairs--probably because I haven't been eating shark fins, which give you zoomy energy and you can't stop moving, or else--so we've been chill and have instead been using our weekends to get ready for Little Baby.

However, last month on our long-weekend Monday I needed to go into the mountains. It was a craving as desperate as chocolate. What we ended up doing was taking a mountain train up to Rigi and riding that train all the way to the very top of the mountain, then following the flat trails around the mountain until we reached the second mountain train that takes you down the mountain to the lake of Lucerne. Normally what most people do when they hike Rigi is take the mountain train to a mid-point station and hike up and onwards from there, but if you take the train all the way up you are basically left with glorified walking trails to traverse, which is just my style at the moment.







It was a totally rejuvenating day, and here's my poll: assuming Little Baby comes early/right on time (September 10th due date) is a baby that's only three weeks old too little to go on Alpine adventures? Because it would be awesome to take LB into the mountains before the trails close up for the season.


mom said...

I have missed your pictures Cait! So nice to see the mountains again. It is not to early to take LB on a hike. She will just sleep :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom, as long as you feel up to it, the baby would love to hike with you!! She will sleep and enjoy the rocking motion of the pack you have. Make sure you get a good comfortable one because I am sure you will use it a ton!! I've heard of places where people stay home the first month after and that is just crazy. We were out and about asap!!

T said...

Love the pictures!

Caitie said...

Thanks for the tips! I think we'll be out and around, too, though probably a little on the DL. Staying home for a month afterwards seems insane! I'd go crazy being cooped up in my house!

mom said...

Well, if you, Dan and LB are upto it when Dad and I get there, we will definitely want to take advantage of some hikes/walks. Too bad the pool will be closed because that is where Dad would like to hang out :-)

Habebi said...

Have I ever mentioned how I love where you live. So unbelievably gorgeous! And as far as taking LB, why the heck not? As long as you're feeling up to it, go for it I say!